Translation of space flight in Spanish:

space flight

viaje espacial, n.


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    (journey) viaje espacial masculine
    (travel) viajes espaciales masculine
    • Dr Clarke says the focus now is coming to grips with the logistics involved in such a long space flight.
    • After operating the Mir space station for 15 years, Russia has more experience in manned space flights than any other nation, and NASA has been eager to learn from the Russians, sending 44 astronauts to the Mir over the past years.
    • While NASA went on to record many more space flights after the Challenger disaster, the program once again was shocked into reality when Columbia blew up in flames just minutes before landing, killing all seven astronauts aboard.
    • At the same time, the Gemini and Apollo space flights of the late 1960s and early 1970s assuaged our national fears about what is out there.
    • It's why we continue with manned space flights, even though machines are more efficient.
    • On each of my space flights, I tried to share the excitement and purpose of those missions with people throughout the world.
    • I expect that somewhere within my natural lifetime, the opportunity not just to go on a sub-orbital space flight will be realised, but I might even get to orbit the Earth a few times.
    • NASA don't have any space flights scheduled until later in the month.
    • Many people are disappointed that the US is intent on spending billions of dollars on manned space flights.
    • The Russians made the first manned space flight with Yuri Gagarin in Vostok 1.
    • China has launched its first manned space flight, becoming only the third country to put a man into orbit.
    • Currie has three previous space flights to her credit.
    • Coincidentally, Russia has issued a strip of two stamps marking the 40th anniversary of Gagarin's historic space flight.
    • Wealthy Chinese citizens may soon embark on private space flights, with the first group of adventurous millionaires starting astronaut training as early as May, state media reported yesterday.
    • He had his second space flight as Commander of the Soviet-French team to Mir on November 28, 1988.
    • China plans a manned space flight as early as next year.
    • The need for this capability will have an impact on future manned space flights, whose launch windows will probably be constrained by the need for daylight and good weather.
    • Pilot William McCool, 41, was born in September 1961 in San Diego, California, and was on his first space flight.
    • Right now, we are actively making all preparations, following our four successful unmanned space flights.
    • China successfully completed its manned space flight as Yang safely returned to earth.