Translation of spam in Spanish:


spam, n.

Pronunciation /spam//spæm/


  • 1informal

    spam masculine
    correo basura masculine
    correo masivo no solicitado masculine
    • Hackers tried to trick users into visiting a maliciously-constructed website using a blizzard of spam emails last week.
    • Webmasters regularly ignore messages they suspect to be spam.
    • Within your company, you can control spam by implementing strict internet and e-mail policies.
    • Submitting to random search engines will usually only increase your email spam.
    • Despite miniscule response rates and the ire of email users everywhere, the number of people sending spam continues to grow.
    • What happens if they log in and find out that some spammer has sent them tons of spam including big attachment files?
    • His current research interests are in the areas of search engines, open source software, spam and online communities.
    • It appears the issue lies with spam filtering software used by a number of internet service providers and web servers.
    • These messages are like spam e-mail messages, but impossible to trace.
    • All anti-spam methods have the potential to occasionally flag a valid message as spam.
    • Other threats include viruses, spam and inappropriate e-mail.
    • Forty per cent of all e-mail sent on the internet during 2003 was spam.
    • Some systems allow the user to train the software to recognize spam or to exempt messages from spam blocking.
    • I've never sent spam, so why should my legitimate use of the Internet be curtailed?
    • If you're a consumer and you get spam from a "legitimate" company, call them up and let them know how angry you are.
    • If we pass laws making it illegal both to send spam and to hire spammers to do so on your behalf then we're part way to solving the problem.
    • E-mail and newsgroup spam are annoying, but at least they file neatly into your e-mail or newsgroup reader.
    • Around 80 per cent of all email is spam - and most of it is sent through infected home computers.
    • There are other irritating blights of the Internet age, like spam.
    • Three spammers were indicted in Pheonix last week for sending obscene spam in violation of US anti-spam regulations.
  • 2Spam

    (meat product)
    fiambre enlatado hecho con carne de cerdo
    • A guy in California used a wireless laptop to send thousands of spam messages.
    • Sammy Leslie and Ultan Bannon know that wine lovers want good wines first and good trimmings after, so there are no stray tins of spam here.

transitive verb


  • 1

    enviarle spam a
    enviarle correo basura a
    • Several Register readers have now received apologies from Sainsbury's supermarket and Virgin Wines for spamming them.
    • This bulletin is being spammed via email and it tries to con users into downloading a new Microsoft security update.
    • If someone spams you from China, does a law in Missouri make any difference to that person?
    • Experts at Sophos have warned users to be wary of unsolicited emails claiming to contain photographs, after a Trojan horse was spammed to internet users.
    • It's like millions of other spams sent out every day, clogging the Internet's arteries, sending it toward a heart attack.
    • New confirmation that the U.S. remains the world spamming leader comes from Sophos.
    • The attacks, in the form of ‘Trojan horse’ emails, have been spammed out to a number of email account holders randomly across the country.
    • Just a little tip for those trying to raise money - spamming people is not a way to get on their good side.
    • To avoid spamming search engines, a Web page should have only one tag.
    • Please refrain from spamming our message boards like you did the other day.
    • When ignored, he threatened to reveal how he spammed everyone to other spammers.
    • Below you will find some common spamming techniques that search engines frown on.
    • Yesterday we ran a story detailing Vodafone's attempts to shut down a mobile spamming company.
    • Viruses might simply be spammed as email attachments - most likely from machines which were previously infected.
    • MSN has signed up with Brightmail to stop its email users getting spammed.
    • Closer investigation revealed that all of those messages were bounced spams promoting an online casino in Costa Rica.
    • Normally when discussing the history of spam, we look back to a lawyer who spammed newsgroups about 10 years ago.
    • Hackers have used spamming software to distribute thousands of copies of a new Trojan.