Translation of spank in Spanish:


pegarle a, v.

Pronunciation /spæŋk//spaŋk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    pegarle a
    (en las nalgas) darle unas palmadas a
    she spanked me me pegó
    • I'll spank your bottom! ¡mira que te voy a dar unas palmadas en el trasero!
    • I think Dad's going to try to spank her with his belt again, but she didn't do anything to deserve it, really.
    • He said that, yes, he had spanked Elian a time or two.
    • He brought me home with the belt, spanking me when I went.
    • While Katherine was spanked on occasion, the punishment that she feared most was psychological - making Katherine feel guilty or worthless for her mistakes.
    • Gosh, maybe once or twice I remember maybe he spanked me.
    • He put me over his knees and spanked me for gosh sakes!
    • Children were not spanked, but they might be punished by splashing water in their faces.
    • Uncle Jack spanks her, but in her mind he has been unfair.
    • He used to spank them with the belt, but we both did that, because it was acceptable.
    • I'm gonna spank you one at a time until you've learned your lesson.
    • Mr. Bear returns, discovers the naughtiness and punishes Edith by spanking her.
    • Both the mothers frequently use abusive language and spank their children.
    • I know that I wouldn't be comfortable spending a lot of time with someone who spanks their children or is frequently angry with them.
    • The parents can't spank these thugs because they would be in jail.