Translation of spanking in Spanish:


paliza, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈspæŋkɪŋ//ˈspaŋkɪŋ/


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    paliza feminine
    zurra feminine
    he deserves a good spanking se merece (que le den) una buena paliza / zurra
    • I mean, I've gotten spankings and stuff, but Mom rarely smacks anymore.
    • I swear if the boy were only a few years younger I'll take him over the knee and give him quite a spanking.
    • ‘You'll get a spanking if you're lying,’ he warned her.
    • He gave the candy bar back and got a big spanking from Dad when he got home, didn't he, Bruce?
    • She gave him a hard spanking; she was powerful for such a frail woman.
    • I'm not talking about a beating, just a very hard spanking - there is a major difference between the two.
    • As she got older, spankings were replaced with those looks: the ones that made you feel like the lowest form of dirt when you got them.
    • The resulting ‘thwack’ echoes louder than a thousand spankings.
    • She started it Dad, really I think she needs a spanking.
    • Krys cried louder like a child about to get a spanking from his father.
    • If you don't get that look off your face then I'm going to give you a good spanking.
    • Surveys suggest that today only 50 to 65 percent of American parents say they administer spankings.
    • If you were bad, you were subject to verbal abuse, spankings, or you may not have been picked up at all.
    • Michael's voice sounds very small, like he's a little kid afraid of a spanking.
    • What is more important to emphasize is that spanking done in anger is very dangerous.
    • I scream and cry as my father gives me a spanking.
    • The child adapts to this by accepting spankings and beating in some cases because it is right because the parent initiates the acts.
    • They got a lot more spankings than they probably deserved, but I didn't have a time.

    en las nalgas


  • 1dated

    (pace) rápido
    (pace) brioso
    a spanking breeze una brisa fuerte


  • 1dated

    spanking new flamante
    • spanking clean limpísimo
    • to have a spanking good time pasarlo bomba