Translation of spanner in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈspænər//ˈspanə/



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    adjustable spanner llave inglesa feminine
    • box spanner llave de tubo
    • plug spanner llave de bujías
    • Avoid the things he needs - like a new spanner or woollen jumper - and impress him with imagination and flair.
    • I know one particular man who actually got a rowing boat and went across in his dinner hour and welded spanners, wedges and hammers to the bulk head and rowed back again.
    • He is friendly with them and once managed to mend a leaking pipe for them with his spanner.
    • Unless you have pretty particular interests you're probably not going to have much use for a magnifying glass, a spanner or a miniature jig-saw.
    • They hover on the brink of existence in a flat-pack limbo until I can find my adjustable spanner.
    • The cabbie starts his rickety old taxi with a knock of a spanner.
    • Even so, their intervention is a big a spanner in the Compaq takeover works.
    • He collects some other tools, a hammer, nails, spanners, screwdrivers and a few more saw-blades, and slots them into the zippered pouches on his backpack.
    • Max looked up from the spanner he was calibrating with a small tool.
    • Three young men from Anjanvara wield spanners and engine grease with thinly-veiled pride, mastering a new set of skills.