Translation of spare in Spanish:


de más, adj.

Pronunciation /spɛr//spɛː/


  • 1

    • 1.1(not in use)

      de más
      have you got a spare umbrella you could lend me? ¿tienes un paraguas de más que me puedas prestar?
      • have you got any spare paper / any paper spare? ¿tienes un poco de papel que no te haga falta?
      • there's a spare seat in the bus sobra un asiento / queda un asiento libre en el autobús
      • there was not an ounce of spare flesh on him no le sobraba ni un gramo de grasa
      • to go spare (with great enthusiasm, with excitement, become distraught) volverse loco
      • there are two tickets going spare for tonight's performance sobran dos entradas para la función de esta noche
      • Years ago in the midst's of battling other kings lands, King Valric had found the time and spare men to hunt out the seven tribes of the free people.
      • When all was done I sat down next to grandpa Mic and waited as people filled the seats around me but there was still a spare chair to my left side.
      • It's the only spare seat in the whole classroom.
      • Marco actually reached for the spare sheet of paper on Nick's otherwise vacant desk, but Nick brought his fist down hard onto Marco's fingers.
      • Volunteers contribute spare processing time to the project, and currently about 80,000 CPUs are active.
      • Jurys also has significant spare land around many of its Dublin hotels which offer additional future revenue generating opportunities.
      • He found a counter with some spare room and set the rifle down there, giving it as close an exam as he could in the dim light.
      • I found myself fretting almost uncontrollably at the sides of the boys who carried Will to a spare spot under a vacant tree.
      • Their contract with SunGard was supposed to give them daily backups, plus spare space in Hoboken, N.J., in case of dislocation.
      • He led her to his motorcycle, pulling up the seat and removing a spare helmet.
      • Keren occupied only one leaving his spare seats free.
      • Assuming that a spare piece of cloth could be used for nearly anything, she kept the banner as well.
      • I've got loans out to three of them, and I told one of them she could move into my spare room if she was tired of her current boyfriend.
      • It's been hard to get a spare second to write with semester finals and the fact that I got a new horse to train.
      • T5 owners are not being offered a free memory card - their PDAs have plenty of spare memory, said PalmOne.
      • You do need to open up your case but, since it just requires a spare bracket space, you don't need to worry about slot insertion or other expansion slot issues.
      • Currently he was wearing Drakes best shirt and Javlin's spare pants.
      • He stepped out into the warm air and sat down on the spare plastic seat.
      • Open crates and various strange pieces of equipment seemed to occupy every spare bit of space.
      • She turned up the heater, turned all vents on the stranger and reached behind her seat for a spare jacket.

    • 1.2(in case of need)

      (cartridge/key) de repuesto
      take a spare change of clothes, just in case llévate una muda de más, por si acaso

    • 1.3(free)

      in my spare moments en mis ratos libres
      • if you've got a spare minute si tienes un minuto (libre)
      • For most acts, this wouldn't work, but Lemon Jelly has a style that requires headphones and a spare 45 minutes to absorb the album from start to finish.
      • He stood up and went to the phone, and as luck would have it, Dr. Olson was in, and had some time spare to check Lauren over.
      • I have more spare time and I'm more perceptive of my life and my surroundings.
      • With more spare time than younger people, we can spend some of it at the casino.
      • A question from another child revealed Mr Blunkett wishes he had more spare time.
      • In his spare hours his interest in music burgeoned.
      • If you have a spare hour, it's a great way to pass the time.
      • My every spare evening was spent catching up with sleep.

  • 2

    • 2.1(lean)

      enjuto literary
      cenceño literary
      • A tall, spare man with jet black hair leaned over the counter to greet them.
      • Empty but not hungry, she felt sleek and spare, like a dragonfly.
      • She was spare featured with a thin mouth and rectangular face.
      • Francis, a tall, spare figure and a devout Christian, was to remain in the hot seat.
      • Ellen is a small, spare woman with large dark eyes and skin as brown and dry as leather.

    • 2.2(austere)

      • Glazed all along its south side, it offers a simple, spare and sunny series of places that provide a surprising number of possibilities for eating in company.
      • Shot in black-and-white, this is a visually spare film featuring empty landscapes of sand dunes, sand storms, and unco-operative camels.
      • The wall works and the floor sculptures complement the walks, which he documents with elegantly spare photographs.
      • Buildings are dotted about a spare landscape resembling a dream-like stage-set; black-clad figures move across the horizon like crows.
      • It has a distinctly Super Friendz sound: spare guitar work, precise melodies, choral harmonies and explosive drumming.
      • The interiors of the units are likewise spare, but evocative at the same time.
      • The spare, simple production here has little studio gloss - it's near minimalist - and brings Chapman's warm voice to the fore.
      • A committed Catholic, Byrd was able to make his living, and his reputation, writing anthems and services in the vernacular spare style for Anglican worship.
      • It has a beginning, middle, and end, almost a spare and simple story in itself.
      • All the tunes are by the trio's leader, and are characterised by a spare elegance and melodic accessibility which never tips over into the merely saccharine.
      • These recordings are spare and simple - just three guys in a room playing clean, clear lines and letting them ring.
      • Viewed from any angle, or from either bank, the effect is elegantly spare.
      • Empty or peopled with bodies, the stage sports the spare, cool stylishness of a contemporary fashion shoot.
      • His musical language is spare in style, its melodies and harmonies based on old church modes and the pentatonic scales of Finnish folk-music.
      • Watson's drawing style is spare and square, in the literal sense.
      • Less is definitely more when it comes to dramatizing Hawthorne, and the film is suitably spare and lean, both in style and characterization.
      • Instead, it has changed the way we design with wood and focused architectural commentary on factors like economy of use and elegance in spare detailing.
      • They seek to reduce what they see as needless clutter and eye candy, and to fashion beautifully spare pages, focusing on the most pleasing presentation of text.
      • Critics usually describe Hemingway's style as simple, spare, and journalistic.
      • Furnishings in the kitchen and sleeping areas are simple and spare.


  • 1

    I'll take a spare just in case llevaré uno de repuesto por si acaso
    • I'm always losing my key; I think I'll have a spare made siempre estoy perdiendo la llave, creo que haré un duplicado para tener de repuesto
  • 2spares pl

    (spare parts)
    (masculine plural) repuestos
    (feminine plural) refacciones Mexico
  • 3

    (in bowling)
    semipleno masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (do without)
    can you spare your dictionary for a moment? ¿me permites el diccionario un momento, si no lo necesitas?
    • we'd like to help you out, but we can't spare the staff nos gustaría ayudarlos, pero no podemos prescindir del personal
    • if you can spare the time si tienes / dispones de tiempo
  • 2

    to spare (sb) sth
    • can you spare me a pound? ¿tienes una libra que me prestes/des?
    • can you spare me a few minutes? ¿tienes unos minutos?
    • he spared us an hour from his busy schedule nos concedió / dedicó una hora de su apretado programa
    • to spare a thought for sb pensar un momento en algn
  • 3

    as adj to spare
    • there's food to spare hay comida de sobra
    • have you got a few minutes to spare? ¿tienes unos minutos?
    • we arrived at the station with half an hour/seconds to spare llegamos a la estación con media hora de anticipación/con el tiempo justo
    • is there enough? — yes, enough and to spare ¿hay suficiente? — sí, basta y sobra
  • 4

    (keep from using, stint)
    to spare no effort no escatimar / ahorrar esfuerzos
    • to spare no expense no reparar en gastos
    • a no-expense-spared production una producción a lo grande / por todo lo alto
  • 5

    (save, relieve)
    to spare sb sth ahorrarle algo a algn
    • I'm only trying to spare you the bother of having to do it again solo estoy tratando de ahorrarte la molestia de tener que hacerlo de nuevo
    • spare me the details/sarcasm ahórrate los detalles/el sarcasmo
  • 6

    (show mercy, consideration toward)
    to spare sb's life perdonarle la vida a algn
    • not to spare oneself ser muy exigente consigo mismo
    • the epidemic spared no one la epidemia no perdonó a nadie
    • to spare sb's feelings no herir los sentimientos de algn