Translation of spark plug in Spanish:

spark plug

bujía, n.


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    bujía feminine
    chispero masculine Central America
    • Sedlack first tried to disable a snowmobile by pulling out a spark plug.
    • Before electromagnetic suppression, people were unable to listen to the radio in the car because of the electrical interference from the spark plugs in the engine.
    • Gasoline and ethanol are shorter carbon chains, and both are highly flammable; they are ignited in the engine by a spark plug.
    • If you rub too hard, you might damage the spark plug.
    • It might be a spark plug or something even simpler.
    • Instead of a spark plug in the top of the motor, you have a ‘glow plug’ to provide ignition.
    • Take the spark plug out when working on the engine.
    • If you were to read a couple of books about cars you might be able to change the oil, the spark plugs, adjust the brakes, and do other things so you wouldn't have to go to the garage.
    • I feel like a stick figure trying to describe the third dimension, or a spark plug trying to explain how a car works - inept, basically.
    • Signs of the holiday are everywhere, as stores shovel out their seasonal merchandise in an attempt to take your money which you would otherwise spend on something more valuable and useful, such as spark plugs.
    • Then, without the spark plug in place, pull the starter cord slowly, distributing the oil through the cylinder.
    • He said that employees take small items like spark plugs, containers of antifreeze and window washing fluid.
    • The fun lighters come in a wide range of shapes, including mobile phones, playing cards, hairdryers, spark plugs, fire extinguishers and cars.
    • Prior to the investigation, the Caravan received a new battery, starter, spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor and tires.
    • Always disconnect your spark plug connection prior to draining.
    • She has all the sensual sizzle of a corroded spark plug.
    • Moore grew up in Flint, Michigan, where his father assembled AC spark plugs at General Motors.
    • Disconnect the spark plug and with mower upended, remove the blade.
    • He looked over at the battery and saw that the cap on a spark plug was loose.
    • With an extra tire, spark plug and clutch cable, experienced riders say that they can fix more than 90 percent of roadside problems.