Translation of sparking plug in Spanish:

sparking plug

Pronunciation /ˈspɑrkɪŋ ˌpləɡ/



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    • The factory made sparking plugs for aircraft engines and was a subsidiary of Lodge Plugs in Rugby.
    • Mothers had to keep guards around sparking plugs to protect their children and share the bed with their infants so that rats would not get near them.
    • There is no evidence that the lead coating process in the sparking plugs occurred suddenly.
    • Sparking plugs, also known as spark plugs, are no longer manufactured in Australia and the high customs duty, 15%, penalises consumers of sparking plugs and adds costs to Australian industry.
    • Specialist firms supplied many components for vehicle-building, including batteries, castings and sparking plugs, upholstery, tyres for wheels, and glass for windscreens and windows.
    • Car owners could replace the air filter and sparking plug themselves; they are very accessible.
    • A son may manage to down a beer or scrape sparking plugs with his father, but the chance of having a normal, casual chat with his mother may be slim indeed.