Translation of sparkle in Spanish:


centellear, v.

Pronunciation /ˈspɑːk(ə)l//ˈspɑrk(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (gem/glass) centellear
    (gem/glass) destellar
    (gem/glass) brillar
    (eyes) brillar
    their eyes sparkled with happiness los ojos les brillaban de alegría
    • A young person in silhouette sits in the corner, gazing up at the city lights sparkling like constellations.
    • Jem raises an eyebrow, a flicker of amusement sparkling in his tired blue eyes.
    • She smiled, the ruby on her chest sparkling in the dim light from the hall.
    • She laughs again, her ocean-colored eyes sparkling in the dim light.
    • He saw me when he looked up, his brown eyes sparkling in the light.
    • Around her neck was a pearl necklace sparkling under the bright light.
    • There was great breeze, and I could see the stars over the tops of the trees, sparkling brightly.
    • The purple, glittery top sparkled under my light and I giggled as I slipped it over my head.
    • Her light skin sparkled and shined from the sun tan lotion she was wearing.
    • A frozen waterfall stood right in front of us, sparkling under the light.
    • I stole a glance into his clever eyes, which were sparkling brightly in the pure light of the moon.
    • In her hand was a necklace, its red gem sparkling in the candle light.
    • The lights were sparkling and the sky was so clear you could see birds flying.
    • His dark blue eyes sparkled when the light hit them and his hair was damp and stuck to his face.
    • Joe was gazing at his brother with amusement sparkling brightly in his hazel eyes.
    • My mother's black hair shone in the dim light and her eyes sparkling with delight.
    • Her golden hair glistened in the sun, her light blue eyes sparkling brightly.
    • Her bright blue eyes sparkled when she was particularly happy or angry, which was quite often.
    • He looked like a four-year-old on Christmas Eve by the way his blue eyes sparkled and danced.
    • The sun was sparkling and gleaming brightly on the water… its shades were spectacular.
  • 2

    (be lively)
    (party) estar muy animado
    (conversation) ser chispeante


  • 1

    (of gem, glass) destello masculine
    (of gem, glass) brillo masculine
    (of eyes) brillo masculine
    • The top was quarter-sleeved and off the shoulder and dusted with sparkles and pearls and white lace.
    • The girl had bright pink hair that dully caught the light, reflecting a million glittering sparkles.
    • The silver sparkles are gleaming in the moonlight.
    • The room is gold and sparkles in the soft light of candles and electricity.
    • Glittering jewels and sparkles decorated the front of the dress and contrasted the red ruby that hung against her neck.
    • Here and there little fireflies fluttered, filling the air with soft sparkles of light.
  • 2

    chispa feminine
    brillo masculine
    • The publishing industry needs awards to bring sparkle and a sense of celebrity into writing.
    • She was tiny, pretty, and vivacious, her sparkle compensating for a lack of education.
    • His cricket and his personality were marked by charm and sparkle.
    • The entire performance was imbued with sparkle and élan.