Translation of sparkler in Spanish:


luz de Bengala, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspɑrk(ə)lər//ˈspɑːklə/


  • 1

    luz de Bengala feminine
    bengala feminine
    • He told me about how he used to come here every year with his dad to watch fireworks and to light sparklers.
  • 2informal, dated

    brillante masculine
    • Aguilera wore a Christian Lacroix dress and the pair exchanged wedding bands designed by London-based jeweller Stephen Webster, who also created the singer's five-carat diamond sparkler.
    • Moments later she blew out the candles and the crowd of people around her watched the sparklers fizz out.
    • The tiniest bit sweet, this slightly floral-scented, light-flavored wine received the most enthusiastic reception of all the sparklers we sampled.
    • From the trattorias of Italy to the cafes of Argentina, people are drinking sparklers because bubbles are refreshing, and the wines are extraordinary matches for a wide range of foods.
    • To make the most of that reputation, they offer flights of sparkling wine to provide customers with the opportunity to sample a variety of sparklers.
    • In addition to low alcohol, this wine shares something in common with two of my favorite Italian sparklers, Moscato d' Asti & Brachetto d' Acqui - residual sugar.
    • Unlike still wines that take time to work their magic, the bubbles in sparkling wine carry the alcohol directly through the stomach wall and into the bloodstream, which explains that instant happy lift that sparklers produce.
    • Crisp, fresh rose sparklers may be the best partners for garlicky or spicy seafood dishes.
    • I preferred cocktails the old way - when they were pink and sickly and stuffed with rainbow-coloured swizzle sticks and sparklers.
    • Wine sales explode in the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's, and some categories, like dessert wines and sparklers, are more popular now than any other time.
    • We tasted a wide range of wines, from a sparkler to whites to reds to a very nice little semisparkler for dessert.
    • And Kate eventually set her heart on a £60,000 diamond sparkler.
    • The Jura, near the Swiss Alps makes snappy sparklers mostly from Chardonnay or Pinot Noir; look for Arbois.
    • Here's your sparkler for the upcoming holidays when you serve ham, roast turkey, even Mexican food.
    • It is easier to sell sparklers during the summer because it is the time of year when people are more adventurous and light-hearted.
    • You'll find the full range of wines here, from sparklers and minerally whites to full-bodied reds and sweet finishers.
    • With Christmas and New Year looming, no doubt we'll soon be popping the cork on few sparklers.