Translation of sparring partner in Spanish:

sparring partner

sparring, n.

Pronunciation /spɑrɪŋ ˈpɑrtnər///


  • 1

    sparring masculine
    • Your daughter told me you were looking for a sparring partner well I just happen to be looking as well.
    • There was no way he thought of me as anything else besides a sparring partner.
    • Sergio still wasn't as much of a fighter as should would have hoped for in a sparring partner, but he did manage to make things more interesting with his jabs and jokes.
    • Taekwondo requires much more focus and control because you throw punches and kick at pads and sparring partners.
    • The two sparring partners will be taking part in a three round comedy charity boxing bout, being encouraged from their corners by Amanda Holden and Vic Reeves.
    • In 1991, when recession gripped the U.S. economy, he started working on some private investigations with his best friend and karate sparring partner, who was in that line of work.
    • Tyson's former sparring partner, Joe Egan, will also accompany him to York.
    • I have not had a decent sparring partner for some time.
    • They raised their eyebrows at one another as Master Lansong instructed them to choose sparring partners.
    • Her sparring partner wasn't all that much either.
    • Roshoko was using Keno as a sparring partner, and Bayrie decided they needed a referee.
    • You can change settings so that your sparring partner just stands there, attacks or defends.
    • Dennis Walker, her coach and trainer since she started, often tells her to use her greatest advantage - speed - instead of standing toe-to-toe with her sparring partners.
    • Right now, it seems to me that you think of other people as sparring partners, partners in crime, or players in a game that you call ‘being honest.’
    • Nobody else could be his sparring partner except me because I was the only one he trusted wouldn't hit him for real.
    • Another bonus in having two cats, they can clean each other, chase each other, and they each have a sparring partner.
    • ‘This is my dear friend and sparring partner, Ketra Glang,’ sang Melena as she rested her head on the woman's shoulder.
    • Now reduced to working as a sparring partner in seedy gyms, he seems to be on the fast track to nowhere.
    • Hakkana and Favian paired up for sparring partners.
    • They decided to take a quick break, and to switch sparring partners.
  • 2

    (in argument)
    antagonista feminine
    contrincante feminine
    they were old sparring partners eran viejos antagonistas
    • Deedes is magnanimous to his old sparring partner, deemed by some accounts to be ‘a successful novelist but a failed newspaper reporter’.
    • Their chemistry and timing is always spot-on, and they are completely convincing not only as verbal sparring partners but also as a married couple.
    • If you're as cynical about marriage as I am, you're probably already aware how easily matrimonial bliss can deteriorate over time into a hideously spiteful and distrustful union of two diametrically opposed sparring partners.
    • Doherty frequently posts emotionally heated messages on his website about his sparring partner.