Translation of spasm in Spanish:


espasmo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspæzəm//ˈspaz(ə)m/


  • 1

    espasmo masculine
    to go into spasm contraerse espasmódicamente
    • He twitched on the ground, spasms running through his body.
    • When I released her, her body convulsed with spasms of pain.
    • So much tension brought on spasms of stomach cramps.
    • Isaac's body jerked, gave a few spasms, twitched a couple times, and got up off the floor.
    • The disease is characterized by a gradual increase in skeletal muscle rigidity and muscle spasm.
    • The most severe cases involve intense spasms in which the muscles contract to protect the joint.
    • Muscle cramping is a painful, involuntary muscle spasm that regularly frustrates athletes.
    • It seemed he was having violent spasms and convulsing.
    • The main symptom of a slipped disc is sudden, excruciating back pain with severe back muscle spasm.
    • She has occasional painful muscle spasms in her chest - but her consultant is confident everything is settling down well.
    • Frank's hands jerked in a spasm, his palms sweaty in the enclosure of his shirt.
    • He was shuddering uncontrollably and his body was racked with spasms.
    • Heat is often used after the first 24 to 48 hours to reduce pain, relieve muscle spasm, and improve local blood flow.
    • The spasms had subsided into shivering that came and went with some regularity.
    • I was stunned by the sudden pain spasms that quaked straight through my spinal cord and nerves.
    • Nitrates have also been shown to relieve coronary spasm.
    • Her body jerked once and rigid spasms shook her.
    • The reasons were unknown, but onlookers seem to agree it looked like convulsions or spasms.
    • The ride home was fairly uneventful, except when Nick started having a sneezing spasm, and mom totally freaked out.
    • Her body convulsed into spasms and the twitching got worse as the situation got worse.
    • She was curled into a foetal position, her body jerking as fresh spasms of pain hit her.
    • The slightest movement would send it into spasms.
    • As he twisted around to glance at the television news, his back went into spasm.
  • 2

    (sudden burst)
    ataque masculine
    acceso masculine
    a spasm of coughing/pain un ataque / acceso de tos/dolor
    • spasms of laughter ataques / accesos de risa
    • in a spasm of rage/enthusiasm en un arrebato de ira/entusiasmo
    • in spasms a rachas
    • The man burst into a quick spasm of crude laughter and then quickly fell silent.
    • The Pritzkers can only hope that all their current troubles will be fleeting, a brief spasm rather than the beginning of a decline in their fortunes.
    • Most intriguing on these two brief noise spasms is lead singer Beverly's grating howl.
    • Swanson's hit-and-miss lyrics, combined with the spasms and outbursts of the moog keyboard, completed the bands' sound.