Translation of spatter in Spanish:


salpicar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈspatə//ˈspædər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (mud/paint/blood) salpicar
    it exploded and spattered oil over us explotó y nos salpicó de aceite
    • a passing truck spattered mud onto my dress un camión que pasaba me salpicó el vestido de barro
    • to spatter sth/sb with sth salpicar algo/a algn de algo
    • the wall was spattered with blood la pared estaba salpicada de sangre
    • He could feel the blood spattering his shoulder.
    • Checking them over, both were dirty and blood spattered but none of it theirs.
    • Although blood spattered the walls, the pillar of light still stood.
    • Various scorch marks and spattered blood let her know she had indeed missed something.
    • There's a movie shot: an innocent, 10-year-old child with one spattered line of blood across the face, and perfectly emotionless.
    • Blood spattered her black robe and she cringed.
    • Dark drops spattered on the ground and she stilled.
    • Blood spattered the walls when one of the younger men tried to defend the Inn and his family.
    • He screamed, flecks of spit spattering her face.
    • Someone tossed a melon-rind at Adriana's feet; drops of cool slime spattered her ankles.
    • This time blood spattered on his hand as he covered his mouth.
    • She coughed, her hand over her mouth and when she pulled it away, blood was spattered on it.
    • He slammed into the opposing wall, spattering it with blood.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (paint/mud/blood) salpicar


  • 1

    salpicadura feminine
    manchita feminine
    • Both he and the vehicle bore orangish spatter marks.
    • They're practical and help protect clothes against spatters and spills.
    • I grabbed a pair of tight blue jeans with paint spatters dotting them.
    • Isabelle gazed down at her faded denim dungarees which were covered in spatters of colourful paint.
    • The blood spatter was even more horrible than before.
    • To control spatters and the residue of cooking fumes, the entire kitchen should be washed with a good degreaser at least once a week.
    • The spatter of rain pounded on the windows of what seemed like a apartment loft of some kind.
    • Black walls are patterned with a brown spatter of knots.
    • Prosecutors say he is tied to the crime by witnesses, blood spatters, ballistics and DNA analysis.
    • Not a tired old coulis swiggle or powdery spatter among the lot.
    • She stood at the water's edge and felt a spatter hit her face.
    • It was a breathable atmosphere but cold and wet, thanks to the spatter of rainfall against the canopy.
    • The rain spatters on the windows and doors heavily.
    • It occupies the entire 6-foot-high composition, with ink spatters, sgraffito and handprints enlivening the surface.
    • Outside, the sky was dark and I could hear the spitter spatter of rain along with the thunder.
    • I rolled to the side and I coughed, and I saw a small spatter of blood fall to the floor.
    • We stop beside spatters of brown blood on a ceiling and a floor.
    • Thick daubs and spatters of paint represent the fruit and jugs.
    • All of his clothes were covered in paint spatters.
    • It glinted in the sunlight, sending a bright spatter of colour over the cement.
  • 2

    (small amount)
    it's only a spatter of rain son solo unas gotitas / chispas
    • a spatter of applause algunos aplausos aislados
    • A spatter of bullets told Hoffman of the attempted attack.
    • Anyway, there was a spatter of water just pouring off this lip.