Translation of spearhead in Spanish:


punta de lanza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspɪəhɛd//ˈspɪrˌhɛd/


  • 1

    (of spear)
    punta de lanza feminine
    • Shakily their spearheads faced the forest as gradually a low pounding noise grew.
    • On both ends, two spearheads locked themselves into position.
    • From the top, a long, razor-sharp, spearhead fired and clicked into place.
    • Soon it was literally raining spearheads on the assassin.
    • His body spun round in the air gracefully and he brought the spearhead round quickly.
    • There are a few spearheads of non Anglo-Saxon type that cannot be dated to the Iron Age or Roman periods.
    • We're going to penetrate the spearhead and take on the command center.
    • It was a curious design, like a shortened, blunt spearhead hung upside down.
    • Now, several dozen spearheads were poked into their faces and ready to skewer the two if need be.
  • 2

    (leading troops)
    vanguardia feminine
    • The current spearhead of musical extremism can be found in the metal scene..
    • The Society became the spearhead of the Counter-Reformation, though originally intended as a missionary order.
    • The spearhead of the force was a mixture of exiles and drafted French prisoners.
    • Our society holds up invention as the spearhead of progress.
    • They are soon to be attacked by a spearhead of warriors from enemy tribes and she is swimming for reinforcements.
    • The spearhead of opposition was the Board of Transportation.
    • Now this generation has seen the spearhead of reforms since 1998.
  • 3

    (of attack, campaign etc)
    punta de lanza feminine
    the spearhead of the revolution la punta de lanza de la revolución

transitive verb

  • 1

    • This move is spearheaded by Ms Wilson.
    • He has done considerable work in spearheading the party's bid to get back into power after the next general election.
    • She is not spearheading a literary revolution.
    • The attorney general has spearheaded this effort.
    • Dom Phillips meets the brash young star who is spearheading a whole new type of music
    • Pam Traylor of the Clay Historical Committee is spearheading the movement.
    • Mr Nzowa commended the private sector for spearheading the project.
    • There are plenty of complaints in the UK spearheaded by the Electoral Reform Society.
    • His firm was part of a team that was spearheading business networking in the Southern African Development Community region.
    • The World Health Organization is spearheading a movement to include GI ratings on food labels.
    • Labour MP Tony Wright, is spearheading a campaign to examine the structure and constitutional role of the monarchy.
    • A sharp upturn in the housing market is spearheading the urban recovery.
    • The idea was formulated and spearheaded by Mr Middleton.
    • It spearheaded conferences about interface design and business-design case studies.
    • He and five others are spearheading our research.
    • In 1891, family and friends spearheaded a restoration campaign for Chasseriau's frescos.
    • Helen Clark has spearheaded the anti-smoking movement since the 1980s.
    • He was part of combat team that spearheaded the allied invasion of France.
    • The group spearheaded a massive search effort for Peggy.
    • In August, he spearheaded the Chinese national team in the Olympics.
  • 2

    (take leading role in)
    ser la punta de lanza de