Translation of special in Spanish:


especial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈspɛʃ(ə)l//ˈspɛʃəl/


  • 1

    (treatment/request/favor) especial
    a special offer una oferta especial
    • a special price un precio especial / de ocasión
    • I wear this dress only on special occasions me pongo este vestido solo en ocasiones especiales
    • There isn't anything special about him, except for the fact he's one of the richest men in town.
    • However, the lack of special features make the village children sad.
    • I may have been wrong: maybe this was going to be as special, just different.
    • It seemed different, more special then the rest.
    • She knew that he was making a special effort for her sake.
    • He would not make any special effort to stay on my good side, beyond his normal dislike for conflict.
    • The quality is exceptionally good, even though the special photopaper is expensive at about €5 for 10 sheets.
    • These special circumstances consist of different things.
    • She hadn't gone to any special effort to make herself look good for Akihiro.
    • It takes a special effort to have an ISDN line put in.
    • His normal breakfast had been average, but it would be no surprise to her if he made a special effort for his dream guest.
    • She began to wonder why Jon was so special and different.
    • As he experimented with special lenses and different exposures and paper, his photography became increasingly art-inspired.
    • This woman is exceptional, she's special, she's extraordinary and I have great respect for her.
    • She never wore the same clothes twice, except for a few special outfits.
    • Coordinators made no special efforts to place department coworkers on the same team.
    • As a school-age child, Swetha considered her special skills no different from any other extracurricular activity.
    • We made a special effort to do a good performance.
    • For boys considered special, different schools were created.
    • Once an implant has been installed it can't be uninstalled again except with special equipment.
    • We didn't do anything special, except get ready for Homecoming.
    • This special collection is already remarkable for its scope and size, and it deserves our enthusiastic support.
    • A tuxedo is something different and special, that will help you feel and look like a star.
    • Make a special effort to create your own family legends.
    • They all had their own special memories of different parts of the gardens.
    • I was this unusual child that was special in my parents' eyes - plus I was very loving with them.
    • This time it's special.
    • Grandad and I have special food, at different times from other people.
    • Nothing was special about today, except how bad it was.
    • She sounds different and special and someone perfect for you.
    • None of us had any special powers.
    • I have no special talents, except being able to sing.
    • She was nothing significant, nothing special, nothing exceptional.
    • I had a special place, where no one ever knew about, except Emily.
  • 2

    (for specific purpose)
    (instructions/fund/arrangements) especial
    special powers (masculine plural) poderes extraordinarios
    • a special diet una dieta especial
    • a special edition una edición / un número especial
    • a special feature (of product) una característica especial
    • our special correspondent nuestro enviado especial
    • This occasion is a special honor and treat for me.
    • Tomorrow's the first day of school, it's a special occasion.
    • Resolution 1115 set up a special committee for this purpose.
    • Asparagus is normally cooked, preferably by steaming in the special tall utensil designed for the purpose.
    • It spoke of a special herb that was designed to cure any illness.
    • High-heel shoes are probably one of the most favorite designs women choose for their special occasions.
    • There was shelving filled with fine silverware and cutlery for the special occasions.
    • Usually I didn't wear make - up, but tonight was a special occasion.
    • General purpose home computers will gather dust as special purpose machines with cool designs and unbreakable software take over.
  • 3

    (particular, individual)
    I have no special reason for asking no tengo ningún motivo en especial / en particular para preguntar
    • my special interest is medieval poetry me interesa especialmente / en especial / en particular la poesía medieval
    • each contestant is tested on his special subject se examina a cada concursante en el tema de su especialidad
    • children with special needs niños que requieren una atención diferenciada
    • have you anybody special in mind? ¿se te ocurre alguien en especial / en particular / en concreto?
    • what are you doing tonight? — nothing special ¿qué haces esta noche? — nada en especial / en particular
    • Each character will have several special attacks which can be executed during battles
    • Each character has special abilities that only they can contribute to continuing the story.
    • Players can catch elemental monsters called Djinni that unleash special attacks and change character stats and class.
    • This title belongs under that extra special list of films that are so bad they're good.
    • Each character has plenty of special moves
    • Efforts will be made to preserve the special character of the city.
    • The special character of South Germany was expressed in the liberal subculture, which had lasting-power and prolonged success.
    • Perhaps the special character of the place was signalled by ceremonial activities here about 7000 BC.
    • Each title character possesses special abilities that come in handy depending on your style of play.
    • Although in a boxing game story is of little importance, popular characters should receive special attention.
    • Scripts are cryptic and are often hard to read due to the many special characters that have unique meanings within the language.
    • There is a function in the game that slows down time temporarily and allows your character to perform special moves.
    • Yuliana belongs to a special caste in classical ballet - she is a character dancer.
  • 4

    (better than ordinary)
    today is a very special day for me hoy es un día muy especial para mí
    • a very special friend un amigo muy querido
    • please take special care of him te pido encarecidamente que lo atiendas muy bien
    • she's a very special person es una persona extraordinaria
    • he makes me feel special me hace sentir muy apreciada
    • what's so special about Steve? ¿qué tiene Steve de especial?


  • 1

    tren especial masculine
  • 2also special constable

    (in UK)

    civil que en determinadas situaciones cumple tareas de policía

  • 3

    programa especial masculine
  • 4

    número extraordinario masculine
  • 5

    plato especial masculine
    the chef's special especialidad del día feminine
  • 6

    (special offer)
    oferta especial feminine
    on special de / en oferta