Translation of specimen in Spanish:


muestra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspɛsɪmɪn//ˈspɛsəmən/


  • 1

    (of rock, plant, tissue) muestra feminine
    (of rock, plant, tissue) espécimen masculine
    (of blood, urine) muestra feminine
    (of work, handwriting) muestra feminine
    (before noun) de muestra
    specimen copy ejemplar de muestra masculine
    • specimen signature espécimen de firma
    • Their work has brought them into contact with some macabre, yet scientifically fascinating, specimens.
    • Specimens of blood or urine are the alternatives…
    • He ventures above ground into wintertime Philadelphia to collect animal specimens.
    • A few test specimens might well be arriving at the lab in the next few weeks.
    • They will report on the foods they eat and give biological specimens for testing.
    • From April onwards, we potter about outside, spotting gaps where we might plant another beautiful specimen,
    • The glazed shelves lining the walls were designed to house Alexander's mineralogical specimens and books devoted to the subject.
    • Ray then spent thirteen years travelling around Britain and Europe collecting specimens and studying animals.
    • Sperm banks arose to store indefinitely thousands of specimens in a single location.
    • The expected value of analysing a single plant specimen, is the expected revenue less the costs.
    • Are there any medical reasons why a specimen of blood cannot or should not be taken by a doctor?
    • Scientists use these reference specimens to help identify and characterize agriculturally important fungi.
    • The question in the specimen paper required the students to discuss the social criticism in The Big Sleep and other texts.
    • Studying specimens in the field may be limited due to time, budget, and weather constraints and making review difficult.
    • He took a blood specimen from the appellant and the specimen was divided into two samples.
    • Urine specimens had been obtained and tested by the nursing staff.
    • Another corner of the display showed zoological specimens, minerals and ores, and surgical instruments.
    • Fill out a specimen ballot paper in your constituency.
    • The volunteers gave blood and urine specimens at each lab visit.
    • The animal remains seem to represent only dissection material and were not used as specimens for display.
    • The police officers required the respondent to provide a specimen of breath for a roadside breath test.
    • I require you to provide a specimen of breath for a breath test.
    • Its displays cover millions of specimens, including fossils, meteorites, mammals, plants, minerals, and insects.
    • Miss Rossiter provided a specimen of urine to the surgery for analysis.
    • Borack shows the specific cases holding mammals, birds, paleontological specimens, fish and reptiles.
  • 2

    (individual item, example)
    ejemplar masculine
    espécimen masculine
    the healthiest specimens are chosen for export se escogen los ejemplares / especímenes más sanos para la exportación
  • 3humorous

    espécimen masculine humorous
    he's a strange specimen es un bicho raro informal
    • Here's another female specimen who's in love with him.
    • I just think it's weird that after going out with the finest specimen that the female race has to offer you can settle for less.
    • He's a perfect American specimen.
    • The blurry embodiment of a male specimen was making his way towards Audrae now.
    • I remember thinking he was the most perfect specimen I've ever seen.
    • I was never a perfect specimen of boyhood and always got chosen last or next to last.
    • My best guy friend was definitely not what you would call the ideal male specimen.
    • Too bad he is a member of the Underground Society, but he is still a perfect male specimen!
    • Critics were perplexed by this seemingly perfect specimen, and swiftly termed her bland and banal.
    • Why I chose to surround myself with perfect specimens I do not know.
    • She was the perfect specimen: thin arms, long legs, pouty lips.
    • They had to be perfect physical specimens able to handle enormous amounts of stress.
    • It took me a second to home in on that perfect specimen of manly-buffness.
    • You embody the perfect friend, the perfect companion, the perfect physical specimen.
    • She was the most perfect female specimen in the whole damn world.
    • Out of the doorway came the most perfect specimen of male youth I had ever seen out.
    • He was like the perfect specimen of man… but he wasn't perfect for me.
    • I've known most of the world's most perfect physical specimens over the course of the last 30 years.
    • She was born a perfect female specimen.
    • With Bianca's perfect figure, every single male specimen was bewitched by her.