Translation of speckle in Spanish:


motita, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈspɛk(ə)l//ˈspɛk(ə)l/


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    motita feminine
    pintita feminine
    the plumage is brown with black speckles el plumaje es marrón con motitas / pintitas negras
    • The tiles, which had at one point been white with black speckles, were now dark, creamy beige with black speckles, and had bits and pieces broken off along the seams.
    • The water was spreading over the floor, speckles of white sticking to the floor.
    • Small speckles of blood leaked onto the window.
    • The yellow speckles resemble stars and an occasional large patch is referred to as the moon.
    • A few speckles of pink paint decorated the old lady's face and hair.
    • Standing up she exited he bathroom for the second time, trailed by speckles of red water.
    • Age-related speckles and the like are remarkably few.
    • Small speckles of seasoning decorated the rich meat.
    • Age-related speckles and scratches are essentially non-existent.
    • His fur was almost entirely grey, except for a few blond speckles.
    • He rode a white stallion with brown speckles on its thigh area.
    • There was a second of dramatic silence as the first speckles of blood hit the ground and tainted the white carpet.
    • The flower color, which is a wine red with a generous amount of speckles and spots, is also somewhat variable.
    • Then, using a paintbrush, fling tiny speckles of paint everywhere.
    • Katie's eyes were a brilliant, intense green, with little streaks and speckles of blue and orange in them.
    • He wore baby-blue patent-leather shoes and had speckles of gray in his five-o'clock shadow.
    • And the meat had little speckles of green and red in it.
    • Her purse jingled as she rummaged through it before removing a single handkerchief, rosy pink with white speckles, and dabbing her tweaked brow.
    • The tiniest speckles of blood still littered the ground at his feet, hardly visible, but there all the same.
    • Pure white unfortunately, and I frowned at the speckles of red Tom had left upon it.

transitive verb

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    it's gray speckled with green es gris moteado de verde
    • a speckled hen una gallina bataraza