Translation of spectacle in Spanish:


espectáculo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspɛktək(ə)l//ˈspɛktək(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(public show)

      espectáculo masculine
      • A handful of other artists staged theatrical public spectacles, performances grounded in the sociologies of place and personality.
      • Gladiatorial combats, wild beast hunts, and public executions were important spectacles presented not only in Rome but throughout the Roman Empire.
      • If that isn't enough, lovely performer Shanna will also be on hand to perform that most exotic spectacle, belly-dancing.
      • In the end, we get a made-for-TV movie with a big budget: a dumb plot, poor performances and lots of spectacle.
      • Everywhere amazing spectacles were being performed, as crowds gathered and applauded the snake charmers, coal-walkers, and fire-eaters.
      • But don't expect gimmicky spectacle from their performance.
      • Each year this has been a most impressive and enjoyable spectacle.
      • There will also be a series of workshops, exhibitions and spectacles.
      • Moreover, each spectacle can be enjoyed by local residents as much as by tourists.
      • These ballets were often elaborate spectacles, intended to display the status of the nobility or monarchs who had commissioned them.
      • Jewellery (including metal tubes covering an entire arm) was tailored directly into the clothes for the show, creating an impressive spectacle.
      • Instead, they were grand spectacles with thousands of spectators present to watch the coronations.
      • This horse and pony section has developed enormously over the past number of years and is a very colourful spectacle.
      • This promises first-class singing and colourful spectacle.
      • The play itself is a multi-media spectacle that uses puppetry, sound-effects, performing masks and a live band featuring some of the county's top musicians.
      • The result was a visually satisfying and sumptuous spectacle; its 350 costumes must be every little girl's dream of a fairy tale.
      • By the 19th century the play had been transformed into a spectacle of patriotic pageantry celebrating imperial Britain and the glory of its military.
      • Families strolled through the ancient streets enjoying the spectacle, buying cheap toys for the children, and snacking on street food.
      • While medieval diners ate, at formal meals, they observed the spectacle that was performed between courses.
      • Heather Taylor and Amy Chu produced and performed in the spectacle.

    • 1.2(sight)

      espectáculo masculine
      a sad spectacle un triste espectáculo
      • Nothing is more distinctive than the chaotic spectacle of Neapolitan street-life.
      • They presented a frightening spectacle when they turned out in the piazza to protest.
      • Once there, he was presented with a spectacle that he could hardly believe.
      • Young ones, as soon as they were fully developed, would be shaken out of their nests, a spectacle much commented upon by travellers.
      • The two of them whooped and hollered some more; their wives sighed at the spectacle and regarded each other with love.
      • Townsfolk stood on the side, watching the unusual spectacle but not wanting to get involved.
      • Like a reality TV show with guns, the coverage takes the everyday business of war, normally hidden from public view, and blows it up into a grisly, repulsive spectacle.
      • But the unseemly scenes provided an entertaining spectacle for those drinking in the evening sun outside the pub.
      • ‘It's easier to weigh an elephant than you think,’ was his only comment when I stopped to investigate the unusual spectacle.
      • Now I had to admit that we watched this spectacle from a safe vantage point behind the baked beans aisle.
      • If Christiana were not so strict, he probably would have slept on it, gazing at the stars in bliss, though it would have been an odd spectacle to see such a grand man asleep on the bare ground.
      • It would be an odd spectacle, for two friends of opposite sex parading through the town on horses with no saddle.
      • So we are presented with the bizarre and bewildering spectacle of American planes dropping explosives and food on Afghanistan at the same time.
      • Across the city people clustered at office windows and gathered on factory roofs to view the spectacle.
      • A beam of pure white light sliced through the darkness giving sight to the grizzly spectacle before them.
      • Several days later at the gates of Peel the villagers gathered silently to view the gruesome spectacle stuck upon a pike.
      • But soon, the townsfolk began to gather outside of their homes to view the great spectacle that had suddenly appeared in the sky.

  • 2spectacles plural

    gafas feminine
    anteojos masculine Latin America
    lentes masculine Latin America
    a pair of spectacles unas gafas (or unos anteojos etc.)
    • He's wearing a pair of spectacles and his usually unruly mop of brown hair is now slicked down with a neat side-parting.
    • It was in Venice, the centre of glass making, that the first pair of spectacles appeared, around 1280.
    • In the lead was a tall man, about Adam's height, with a head full of graying brown hair and a pair of intelligent-looking spectacles.
    • He dusted the snowflakes out of his hair and slipped on his pair of thick-framed spectacles and took the folder from Margaret's hands.
    • He pulled another pair of spectacles out and replaced his old ones with them.
    • Gerald had donned a pair of spectacles and seemed earnestly studious.
    • She had on a different pair of spectacles now, a blue oval shaped type.
    • He took a pair of thin-rimmed spectacles from a case and perched them close to the tip of his nose.
    • Lamb draws an analogy with a pair of spectacles.
    • His hair was blond, and his eyes a bright blue colour, partially hidden behind a small pair of green tinted spectacles.
    • ‘Try these,’ he said as he handed her a pair of round-lensed spectacles.
    • I advised His Honour to buy a new pair of spectacles.
    • The judge pulled out a pair of spectacles and a list.
    • The girl opened her eyes to find herself looking into blue eyes which twinkled behind a pair of spectacles.
    • She could see his slicked back hair with a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles resting carefully on his nose.
    • He looked up and the glass of his spectacles caught the light, sending a bright glare into Sandra's eyes.
    • The countryman went from ruggedly unsophisticated to casually erudite in one quick addition of something so simplistic as a pair of spectacles.
    • He was wearing a full body suit of ostrich feathers and a ludicrous pair of spectacles.
    • He had light brown hair and blue eyes framed by a pair of spectacles.
    • The gray side-burned man cocked a grey eye at him beneath a pair of expensive spectacles.