Translation of spectator in Spanish:


espectador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspɛkˌteɪdər//spɛkˈteɪtə/


  • 1

    espectador masculine
    espectadora feminine
    the ball landed among the spectators la pelota cayó entre los espectadores / entre el público
    • It was as if my trip had become a movie and I was a spectator watching.
    • How long can we remain as informed spectators on the sideline watching such tragedy unfold before our eyes?
    • She was a spectator, a spectator watching her life break apart before her eyes.
    • He took her arm, leading her back to the tape, where curious spectators watched.
    • Quite a few local enthusiasts and spectators enjoy this event and let's hope the sun shines that day.
    • The thousands of spectators lining the fairway fell into an awkward silence, all eyes on me.
    • With both teams willing to play fast open rugby, spectators were treated to a great game.
    • The driving snow meant that conditions were far from ideal, but a fiery game warmed players and spectators alike.
    • The possibility also exists that more spectators will be outside the gates demonstrating.
    • The spectators had been watching the game, unaware of the crown forces outside the park.
    • I watched them like a spectator at a tennis match as the ball went from one court to the other.
    • This is just as much a game for spectators as it is for the person actually playing it.
    • He could not contain disappointment that there were no spectators at the event.
    • Most of the spectators were gathered watching his game, and I was glad that they could not see the dilemma I was in.
    • I do not consider that the enjoyment of the game by players or spectators would be lessened.
    • In this sense the spectator is doubly positioned as an onlooker outside the text.
    • These have every appearance of being intended for the use of spectators watching sporting events.
    • She concedes, though, that her interest in football is as much about the spectators as about the game itself.
    • Reports say that thousands of eager spectators are descending on the town in anticipation of the event.
    • For the first time in years I attended a championship match not as a reporter but as a spectator.