Translation of spectre in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈspɛktə//ˈspɛktər/



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    • Earlier I compared the apparition of specters in Observe the Sons of Ulster to sequences of reverance in Macbeth and Hamlet.
    • A hunter of ghosts since his late teens, 35-year-old Taylor says interest in spooks, specters and other spiritual what-not is greater than ever.
    • He believes the spectre is the ghost of Pte Crowley, of the 11th North Devonshire Regiment.
    • As more people got into the accusation game, the stories became more bizarre, with accusers claiming, for example, to have seen the specters of witches and witnessed their deeds.
    • People love to be frightened by make-believe versions of the supernatural, such as ghost stories and vividly hideous specters that pop out of the dark.
    • The two men led us in silence, moving like two specters from something out of a ghost story.
    • Of course, this scary apparition is a specter much more often cited than sighted.
    • The train, with its dim lights, stood there like a monster spectre in the dark.
    • They both sensed the spectre's presence at the same time.
    • I didn't know why, but the invisible specter made his presence more felt.
    • In such a light, psychology would be the science of the double, of specters, and every photograph a double exposure.
    • When is the last time you played a ‘survival-horror’ game that featured specters, spirits, and ghosts as the main enemy?
    • Only when memory is, like the narrator's in Kesey's novel, sufficiently dim, do the dead appear as specters and ghosts.
    • I searched the entire throne room, expecting to find a specter or ghost pop out at any second, and my imagination slowly took over reason.
    • But the movie is mostly about people seeing ghost images on TVs, seeing specters and electronics turning themselves on and off.
    • It was translucent and obviously a ghost or a close variation of a specter, bowing at the young scientist courteously.
    • It was as if I were following a hidden specter or ghost.
    • In curing speech of specters and ghosts, analytical philosophy claims to cleanse the mind of a dreamy fondness for every sort of idealism, vitalism, Platonism, and transcendentalism.
    • The actress was forced to review her disbelief in ghosts when she saw a spectre at New York's Belasco Theater.
    • The castle itself was haunted, and not just be family ghosts like the Manor, but by terrifying blood drenched spectres, ghouls and a poltergeist.