Translation of speculative in Spanish:


especulativo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈspɛkjʊlətɪv//ˈspɛkjələdɪv//ˈspɛkjəˌleɪdɪv/


  • 1

    (venture/sale/purchase) especulativo
  • 2

    (conclusions/ideas) especulativo
    speculative philosophy filosofía especulativa feminine
    • all this is purely speculative todo esto es meramente especulativo
    • When I did no more than dumbly blink back he straightened and gave me a rather speculative look before finally breaking into a slow smirk.
    • Again and again the historian is confronted by absence, gaps and empty spaces which only speculative conjecture can fill.
    • With a smile, Danielle glances at Ian before returning her speculative gaze to Daphne.
    • He knew his tacit non-response would prompt all sorts of speculative conjecture.
    • This is clearly an example of highly speculative and incomplete theoretical explanations getting way ahead of all the available evidence.
    • He gave Julien a speculative glance and then grinned.
    • First Lord Peter gave him a speculative glance.
    • They are entirely guesswork, speculative and based on unsound mathematics designed to promote the private healthcare system.
    • Shooting her a speculative glance, he rested his elbow on the desk and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
    • This notion is speculative and demands further research.
    • Much of my book is speculative and meant to be suggestive rather than definitive.
    • Some of their conclusions are empirically based; others are speculative but quite reasonable.
    • Concerns about widespread inaccuracies in online health information are speculative and intuitive rather than based on robust research.
    • She slid a speculative glance at her boyfriend.
    • The defendant says the elements of the loss must be established with reasonable certainty, and must not be speculative or conjectural.
    • The potential outcome is obviously speculative and up for conjecture, but there is usually evidence to support one side or another.
    • Atwood uses the term speculative fiction rather than science fiction.
    • The account is based primarily on observations; but it is also speculative, relying to some extent on theoretical considerations.
    • A number of entries also contain assertions that are unfounded or highly speculative.
    • Such reasons should be empirically based and not just speculative.