Translation of speed camera in Spanish:

speed camera

radar (fijo), n.


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    radar (fijo) masculine
    fotorradar masculine Chile
    • Now Natalie's parents say they are hopeful surveys currently being carried out by road safety officials on the road will prove it meets the criteria for the installation of a speed camera on the 30 mph road.
    • Statistically, uninsured drivers are a far more serious threat to road safety than those otherwise law-abiding motorists that are caught fractionally above the limit by a speed camera.
    • The possibility of a speed camera was also discussed by the parish council, but members felt it could be difficult to get such a device up and running.
    • A decision will then be made as to whether the road fulfils the criteria for a speed camera.
    • A speed camera will only penalise drivers taking a chance to overtake a slow-moving vehicle if, during overtaking, they accidentally exceed the limit while passing as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    • A few days before the tragedy the Nissan was caught on a speed camera in Princess Parkway, near the Mersey Bank estate at Chorlton, heading towards the M56.
    • The usual speed limits apply, but I did not see one speed camera in all of the miles I covered.
    • It behaves like a driver who only slows down when there's a speed camera in sight.
    • A new speed camera which had gone into service on the A6 near Clophill has been destroyed by fire, and arson is suspected.
    • The days of the sneaky speed camera are over in Greater Manchester - today the location of every single camera in the area is revealed.
    • Marked and unmarked police cars, a speed camera and police motorcyclists will combine to enforce the new restrictions.
    • One of the most obvious examples of this is that much-maligned, but increasingly common piece of street furniture, the speed camera.
    • Be careful when he abruptly becomes as obedient as a schoolboy in following the speed limit, by suddenly applying his brake upon sight of a speed camera.
    • ‘With the privatisation of speed cameras more motorists will be caught,’ said the source.
    • Worse still, some may have been banned and lost their livelihood, all because of a ‘mistake’ about the siting of a speed camera.
    • In the past few months, a speed camera has been erected at the corner and the intersection has been altered.
    • Suddenly he saw a speed camera at the side of the road, checked his speedometer and slammed his foot on the brake.
    • The council will not be satisfied until every road is either a 20 mph limit, has a speed hump or a speed camera, or all three!
    • A new speed camera was cut down by a driver with a chainsaw before it had even been switched on.
    • If you know there is a speed camera in a particular place, you will slow down.