Translation of speed dial in Spanish:

speed dial

marcado rápido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspid ˌdaɪ(ə)l//ˈspiːd ˌdʌɪəl/


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    marcado rápido masculine
    before noun speed dial button/facility botón m/función de marcado rápido feminine
    • Upon getting it home I set up the various FM radio channels it can receive and assigned voice tags to the speed-dials.
    • As I punched #1 on my speed-dial, I found out that Zander had emailed me too.
    • At last, a coherent justification for the speed-dial!
    • Spotting her cell phone, she reached into her bag and hit the speed-dial.
    • I've gone to all the effort of walking the three yards from my desk to theirs to have a chat and all they've done is hit speed-dial.
    • I hit the speed-dial and wait; eventually the ringing stops, and with no word of greeting, only the icy breath coming through the receiver tells me he's on the line.
    • Taking out his cell, he punched the speed-dial.
    • I pulled out my cell phone, punched 1, the speed-dial for my friend, and pressed the dial button.
    • He pushed one on the speed dial and put it to his ear, looking at her cautiously.
    • Apologise profusely and try to distract the kids - if all else fails, tell them that it may be summer but you still have Santa's number on speed-dial.
    • Wendy pulled her PA out of a pocket and hit the speed-dial for Harper Fenton.
    • ‘I'll call Denny and Anthony,’ he said, pushing the speed dial.
    • He picked up the phone and pressed a button on the speed dial.
    • Deleting the message she had left, probably full of shouts and interrogations, he hit the speed-dial for his mother's house.
    • Pentagon lawyers familiar with CT and espionage investigations have FBI intelligence officials on their speed-dial.
    • She rolled over and grabbed the landline, hitting the speed-dial for her husband's office.
    • And we've got the Guinness people on speed-dial, ready to alter the record books in 2004.
    • They all had my mother's phone number on speed-dial.
    • I had Brendan's digits on speed-dial, and boy was I anxious to hear what he had to say.
    • I can't remember phone numbers as easily now that I have them attached to speed-dials on my cell phone.

intransitive verb

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    marcar mediante la función de marcado rápido