Translation of speed limit in Spanish:

speed limit

velocidad máxima, n.


  • 1

    velocidad máxima feminine
    límite de velocidad masculine
    a 60mph speed limit or speed limit of 60mph una velocidad máxima / un límite de velocidad de 60 millas por hora
    • to exceed / break the speed limit sobrepasar la velocidad permitida / el límite de velocidad
    • Motorists caught exceeding the speed limit will receive a fixed charge notice.
    • Besides this, the police are also conducting regular checks to see if the motorists exceed the speed limit.
    • On long journeys, a constant eye needs to be kept on the speedometer as it is too easy to exceed the speed limit.
    • Councillors suggested these could include lowering the speed limit to 20 mph.
    • He slammed on the accelerator and went way past the speed limit.
    • It's a bit like being sold a Ferrari when everyone knows the speed limit is 40 mph.
    • There was no way they were traveling even remotely close to the speed limit.
    • Drivers are still speeding through the town well beyond the recommended speed limit.
    • The significance of the speed limit is that it would tell the driver that this is an area in which he or she is at a particular level of risk.
    • There has been considerable discussion in the national news over speed cameras and the enforcement of the speed limit.
    • We made it home a few minutes later than usual, since I was driving a few miles under the speed limit.
    • If you go to overtake another vehicle the chances are you will break the speed limit.
    • He drove just short of the speed limit, his eyes focusing on the task ahead.
    • He hopped into his car and drove as fast as he could, under the speed limit of course, to get to their store.
    • The two motorcycles drove away from the building, going well over the speed limit.
    • She knew she had been going three times the speed limit, and she had run several lights.
    • There was a lot of local outrage when the speed limit on suburban roads in Perth was dropped to 50 kph.
    • Giving her a mischievous look I increased the speed until we were going way over the speed limit.
    • He was twenty miles over the speed limit, but desperate times called for desperate measures.
    • Ms. Jones testified that she was traveling just below the speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour.