Translation of speedometer in Spanish:


velocímetro, n.

Pronunciation /spəˈdɑmɪdər//spiːˈdɒmɪtə/


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    velocímetro masculine
    indicador de velocidad masculine
    • The researchers also measured how often each driver checked his or her side and rear mirrors and the speedometer on the dashboard.
    • It also has the standard speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauges.
    • I clenched my fingers on the steering wheel, the speedometer swung towards 85 mph as I raced home.
    • Ann took one look at the speedometer and almost choked.
    • I took a glance at the speedometer: eighty miles per hour and still increasing.
    • Is any allowance made for less than accurate speedometers?
    • Once the speedometer shows that the vehicle has dropped 4 mph below the initial speed, the accelerator is pushed to bring the vehicle back up to the initial speed.
    • It felt as if he was crawling although the speedometer showed seventy miles an hour.
    • In the dashboard, the glass is broken, and the speedometer doesn't even have a needle.
    • Mounting the vehicle, he found a note on the speedometer.
    • One quick check of the speedometer told me I was driving slow again.
    • The vehicles have digital speedometers, are petrol-driven and can travel up to 45 mph.
    • On long journeys, a constant eye needs to be kept on the speedometer as it is too easy to exceed the speed limit.
    • Joanna looked down at her speedometer and immediately took her foot off of the accelerator.
    • A huge dashboard spreads out in front of you, with a speedometer and revcounter mounted in the middle, not in front of the driver.
    • Cameras move attention away from hazards to speedometers.
    • Although we may know where we want to go, without a speedometer and a speed limit it's hard to know if we could move faster or slow down.
    • A quick glance at her speedometer told her she exceeded the speed limit by at least fifteen miles per hour, but she didn't care.
    • They also point out speedometers in cars are not calibrated and can be up to 5% - 10% inaccurate.
    • Cars with faulty speedometers and horns that don't work will fail the national car test under strict guidelines introduced this year.