Translation of spelling checker in Spanish:

spelling checker


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    • Before you submit your page to the search engines, run the page through an html checker and a spelling checker.
    • I found that version 8 always crashed if I ever used the spelling checker.
    • Several people have written in to point out that Microsoft Word's spelling checker corrects ‘Grammelot’ to ‘Trammeled’, and is therefore the most probable culprit in this case.
    • Away from spelling checkers, way out in the email chatrooms, anything goes.
    • This is not only true with spelling checkers and tax programs, it's also true with industrial applications.
    • If Microsoft Word's spelling checker's autocorrection feature is switched on, it capitalises the word for you.
    • I will ‘learn to spell’ when he gets a spelling checker.
    • One major drawbacks is that it doesn't include a spelling checker.
    • Bellow is a verb meaning ‘emit a loud, deep, hollow, prolonged sound such as a bull might make, or to speak or shout in a manner reminiscent of this’; that's why a spelling checker wouldn't have caught the mistake.