Translation of spend in Spanish:


gastar, v.

Pronunciation /spɛnd//spɛnd/

transitive verbspent

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    • 1.1

      (money) gastar
      to spend sth on sb/sth gastar algo en algn/algo
      • she doesn't mind spending $250 on a pair of shoes no le importa gastar(se) 250 dólares en un par de zapatos
      • We spent too much money on people that hate us and loathe us and want us out of their country.
      • By now there should be nobody who doesn't agree that how much money we spend per pupil makes a difference.

    • 1.2(expend)

      to spend sth on sth invertir algo en algo
      • they spent a lot of time and energy on the project le dedicaron mucho tiempo y muchas energías al proyecto
      • she spent two months on that painting le dedicó dos meses a ese cuadro
      • don't spend too long on each question no le dediquen mucho tiempo a cada pregunta
      • spend your time wisely emplea bien el tiempo
      • The lightning spent itself and the coach fell to the ground unconscious.
      • She put her hands on her hips and watched as the can spent itself.
      • The last drops of the rainfall spattered heavily against the cobblestones as the storm spent itself and shook itself off.

  • 2

    (period of time) pasar
    where did you spend Christmas/your vacation? ¿dónde pasaste la Navidad/tus vacaciones?
    • I spent the morning working/shopping (me) pasé la mañana trabajando/de compras
    • I spent five years as a salesman (me) pasé cinco años trabajando como vendedor
    • The months passed, and I spent them staring directly at Benny during every class.
    • So the University hired contractors who spent weeks making sure that all systems were clean.
    • The ten celebrities will spend two weeks in Australia surviving on rice and water.
    • You see, Summer and I had spent a good ten straight hours in the mall filling out applications to stores, and only one had answered.
    • Leaving Ireland, aged 22, he spent ten years travelling across Europe, playing all the while.
    • I spent decades on benefits as a single parent bringing up children.
    • He spends time passing out pamphlets on the street and reading the Bible in our basement.
    • Earlier this month he spent ten days in the city which will host this year's Olympics in August.
    • April passed, and Charlie spent her sixteenth birthday away from her family and away from Adam.
    • Here, she spent the next ten years of her life, brought up in an atmosphere of love and affection.
    • She spent a sleepless night passing along the police line searching out scraps of news.
    • A driver without a resident's pass wanting to spend three hours in Piccadilly car park must find £6 in coins.
    • I spent a laborious ten minutes updating my particulars, then pressed Save.
    • So he prepares meticulously, invites everyone he knows, and spends his days passing out flyers.
    • As the hours passed they spent their time driving around the small commercial area, looking at all there was to look at.
    • Even though he didn't go before a judge, he had to hire a lawyer and spent a year preparing his case.
    • ‘They spend a lot of time with Bradley and I just filled up when they told me what they were doing,’ she said.
    • She now went into nursing full time and spent the next ten years working in England.
    • Plus, managers spend all their time hiring replacements rather than running your business.
    • Last week the town council passed a motion to spend a day picking up litter around the town.
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    the hurricane had spent its force/itself el huracán había agotado / perdido su fuerza/se había extinguido

intransitive verbspent

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