Translation of spending in Spanish:


gastos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspɛndɪŋ//ˈspɛndɪŋ/


  • 1

    gastos masculine
    I've had to cut back on my spending he tenido que reducir mis gastos
    • public spending has increased since last year el gasto público ha aumentado desde el año pasado
    • spending on sth
    • spending on defense los gastos de defensa
    • they promise more spending on schools and hospitals prometen invertir más en escuelas y hospitales
    • before noun spending cut recorte presupuestario
    • spending limit límite de gastos
    • spending power poder adquisitivo / de compra
    • to go on a spending spree salir a gastar dinero
    • she went on a mad spending spree salió a gastar como loca
    • This has been achieved by increasing customer numbers and their average spend.
    • The average spend per child is continuing to rise year-on-year.
    • The Government also spent less per person on health in 2001 than the average spend of 30 countries surveyed in the report.
    • In Lancaster county alone, the number of visitors is five million annually and the spends are estimated at $400 million, on average.
    • Most of its advertising spend goes to local newspapers, much of it in Britain, and to local radio stations.
    • While some complain of London prices, the average spend is around £30, all in.
    • Microsoft group marketing manager Nick McGrath likens the spend to the amount used in launching a new car.
    • By selling wine in such large quantities, the company boosts its average spend per customer.
    • Health Boards around the country lowered their advertising spend by up to 50 per cent in recent months in order to trim costs.
    • Advertising spend all but dried up over July and August.
    • The total spend on both the games and the advertising for the Third Place campaign is around €3 million.
    • He said that companies should maintain advertising spends, even in a climate where it may be more difficult to justify them.
    • Most major campaigns now factor in a spend of between 3 and 5 per cent of their budget on washroom advertising.
    • The figures represent an average spend of £45.50 per head but the UK still lags behind several other countries.
    • The directories secure seven per cent of the advertising spend in Ireland.
    • The company carefully monitors the effectiveness of its advertising spend, and monitors the sites from which punters travel to place bets.
    • That is, the higher the spend on the advertising, the worse the movie is.
    • They will also downsize their operations and cut back on both capital and advertising spend.
    • Moreover, the average spend by overseas visitors in the county is significantly less than in other regions.
    • This still amounts to an aggregate spend of several millions.