Translation of sperm bank in Spanish:

sperm bank

banco de semen, n.


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    banco de semen masculine
    banco de esperma masculine
    • We have already had a few phone calls from concerned men who put sperm into the sperm bank.
    • There's nothing stopping your lesbian friends from visiting a sperm bank and appointing you an honorary uncle thereafter.
    • California Cryobank, the largest sperm bank in the country, can store semen indefinitely at 312 degrees below Fahrenheit.
    • In October it also became the first US sperm bank to set up shop in Canada.
    • Indeed, there was talk of creating a sperm bank for geniuses.
    • But the following month, when I called to place my order with the sperm bank, I learned the donor I had chosen was no longer available.
    • Did you not read the part about the trip to the sperm bank?
    • We moved on to fertility drugs and then frozen sperm purchased through a sperm bank.
    • Jeremy had eagerly donated to the Nobel sperm bank, and spawned many, many children with various wives, because he wanted to spread his seed as far as possible.
    • As a precaution, many men store their sperm in a sperm bank before treatment.
    • Their only hope of fathering children is to store their sperm at a sperm bank before they start chemotherapy.
    • While waiting to make a deposit at a sperm bank, they overhear a loquacious orderly talking on the phone about a patient.
    • I was honest about being gay at the first sperm bank I went to - and so my semen was tossed out with the trash.
    • He'll be responsible for child support for 18 years, and things could get messy, while the law does protect people who donate sperm to a sperm bank.
    • Like some men who prefer not to donate to a sperm bank, many couples would rather not reproduce at all than reproduce without having any subsequent relationship with resulting offspring.
    • The director of a sperm bank in the Northeast characterized the consumer selection process in this way.
    • We did a lot of research on the sperm bank, the donors, and what you have to go through.
    • I just tell him I got them from the sperm bank instead of boys I know.
    • In your passion for researching the story, you, too, went through the process of donating in a sperm bank - although you did not make your genetic material available for others to use.
    • When infertility is a possible outcome arising from a variety of medical conditions, it may be worth considering having sperm saved in a sperm bank for later use.