Translation of spice in Spanish:


especia, n.

Pronunciation: /spaɪs//spʌɪs/


  • 1

    especia feminine
    the spices used in Indian cookery las especias utilizadas en la cocina india
    • spice trade comercio de las especias
    • spice islands islas de las especias
  • 2

    (zest, interest)
    sabor masculine
    to add spice to a story (with sexual connotations) hacer un relato más picante

transitive verb

  • 1

    I don't like highly spiced food (hot, peppery) no me gusta la comida picante
    • When the city's culinary scene threatens to lapse into boredom, there is someone who comes along promising to add a dash of spice to it.
    • To add spice to the event, well-known TV personalities were introduced as the masters of ceremonies.
    • The Italians, with their great tradition of international football, add a bit of spice to the occasion.
    • And, if some spice has been added to the dance, that is because this comes with a fitness routine.
    • There are some variants that we have found add more spice / interest.
    • The new elements add just enough new spice to the already excellent package.
    • And, as is the case with suits, choose one of this season's fashionable colors to add some spice to your look.
    • With so many new stables in the North Kerry area in recent times there will be very keen local rivalry in the event which should add spice to the proceedings.
    • Whether paying a little or a lot, most jar enthusiasts agree that colored jars add spice to their collection.
    • To add extra spice to the proceedings the heavens opened at half time and the rain began to pour as both teams turned round 3 points apiece.
    • Believe me, the usage of missiles and countermeasures adds a lot of spice to the game.
    • It added spice to the evening and gave us more to talk about.
    • The police officer is an interesting character and adds spice to the investigations.
    • The story mode merely adds a pinch of spice to the game of chess.
    • The winter days may be getting darker and colder - all the more reason to organise a bright and cheerful get-together to warm the soul and add a bit of spice and zest to your holiday season.
    • All these add spice to Bhavani's idea of knowledge dissemination, her stand being that music has to reach across to the people and that ultimately, those who matter are the listeners.
    • Phelps' decision to contest the 200m freestyle has added spice to the event, but he has yet to reveal the potency of the Dutchman.
    • To add a bit of spice, a celebrity panel contributes to the discussion.
    • The game will be the first in three weeks for both teams and spectators, with a sizeable gate expected to roar the two sides on to success in the first game of 2005 with the derby element adding a touch of spice.
    • Wiener's concerto is cool and neoclassical, incorporating elements of jazz for spice, not as the main ingredient.
  • 2

    (add excitement to)
    darle sabor a
    to spice up a story darle más sabor a un relato