Translation of spidery in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈspʌɪd(ə)ri//ˈspaɪdəri/


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    spidery handwriting letra de trazos delgados e inseguros feminine
    • The writing on it was in a very spidery form of Arabic.
    • His clear grey eyes followed the other's, his brown hair combed backward, a lock rustling against his spidery, climbing eyebrows.
    • She frowned and tried to bring to mind the family tree that had hung on the wall in her father's study, the generations of spidery black lines.
    • For a moment Aidan only looked at it from across the room, not wanting to go near it, to see the words scrawled across it in his mother's spidery handwriting.
    • It's really just eight pages of spidery scrawl - both sides of course - which I will be sending out to everyone I have ever come into contact with.
    • The ivory paper was covered with Otua's spidery writing.
    • The pages were dog-eared and yellow, now covered with a thin, spidery hand.
    • Retaining and repairing the spidery timber structure and the brightly coloured panels, Keith preserved the spirit of the original with a light and delicate hand.
    • Pockets of spidery white nigella are turning to seed while yellow blossoms of evening primrose tip their faces upwards in the late-morning sun.
    • Written in a spidery script was Hargreave's communique.
    • Even the steel bridge looks spidery in the mist.
    • Granted, half of the pink spidery lines were not by her own doing.
    • His hands were long and spidery, his limbs long and gangly.
    • Both the water and the office are very, very cold, which is why the handwriting on this is so spidery: I'm shaking.
    • He could see her fumbling around for her purse and muttering to herself furiously through the spidery, cracked windshield as he and the stranger rounded the car to survey the damage.
    • In the back of the ballroom, spidery arms and legs twist and move to the music.
    • It had notes on it in a spidery thin handwriting next to what must be Skade's writing, which was clear and firm.
    • As soon as Angel had gotten comfy sitting on the side of her own mattress, with her long, spidery legs hanging over the sides, Dr. Spear spoke.
    • Baxter talks about being offered a book signed by Greene ‘in his spidery hand’.
    • I still have a little scar across my eyebrow from it, a spidery white line.