Translation of spillover in Spanish:


indirecto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspɪləʊvə//ˈspɪlˌoʊvər/


  • 1

    (effect) (before noun) indirecto
    the spillover from the urban centers el excedente de población de los centros urbanos
    • there's been a spillover of violence into these suburbs la violencia se ha extendido a estos barrios
    • And, ominously, it includes use of chemical weapons without regard for their spillover effect on the enemy's own troops and civilians.
    • Second, if the top story is very influential, it may increase the total visits to the site and there may be a spillover effect.
    • The Japanese economy is in a prolonged slump, owing mostly to fragility in its financial sector and to spillover effects of the Asian financial crisis.
    • The 1999 war in Angola had spillover effects on Namibia, showing how conflict in one state can influence its neighbors.
    • This may create political pressures for increased government involvement in the application of genomic knowledge that could have spillovers to other sectors of the economy.
    • The disaster will also have spillover effects in the short term on other countries in the region and on related industries such as airlines.
    • Inflate today and the consequences (as we are witnessing) will be, first and foremost, rising asset prices, with only spillover effects for goods, services and labor markets.
    • Paternal job and income loss appear to have adverse spillover effects on children, and these effects might well be detected early by alert teachers and school counselors.
    • The discoveries made will also have important spillover benefits in diagnosing and treating other diseases.
    • This role, by necessity, has a spillover effect into budgetary and evaluation concerns.
    • Indeed, most productivity improvements had similar multiple spillover effects.
    • That's why, even though the inventory correction directly affects just a small segment of the economy, it has large spillover effects.
    • The text emphasizes that agricultural management strategies and techniques influence other ecosystems, and that this interaction has spillover effects on the entire landscape, in fact, the planet.
    • Governments, through regulations, laws, and international treaties, have mandated procedures such as customs requirements that have spillover effects that may improve security.
    • In fact, there is likely to be a spillover effect as visitors to London follow suit and board the coaches to reach the capital.
    • That is, attendance at university makes you smarter, and thus has spillover effects that are good.
    • Finally, research and development in rich countries appears to benefit poor countries through spillover effects.
    • Nor did he intend for the single tax to regulate the production of external spillover effects of private actions.
    • This spillover effect can lead to the creation of standards within an industry.
    • The spillover economic benefits of reunification also have a political payoff, integrating the countries of the region in a set of cooperative commercial relationships.