Translation of spin in Spanish:


Pronunciation /spɪn//spɪn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(act)

      to give sth a spin hacer girar algo
      • I'll give his new hit a spin later dentro de un rato les voy a pasar su último hit

    • 1.2(in washing machine)

      (program/speed) (before noun) de centrifugado
      give the sheets a spin centrifuga las sábanas
      • this load's on its final spin esta carga está en el último ciclo de centrifugado
      • In skating, this pre-stretching of the muscles is used in jumps, spins and turns.
      • I can understand your role in putting a positive spin on what Government is doing in fighting crime, but why is it we are not seeing the tangible results of these moves on the ground?
      • Tiffani and John do theirs, and we progress through all the jumps and spins.
      • And even if I come off wrong, I still have to go through the motions of the spin, but I know that I'm going to fall.
      • Sans its right engine, the skimmer shot hard to the right, and the rider swerved left to avoid it as it whirled in a sickening spin and crashed to the ground.
      • I took a bit more time to fool around flying the chute, doing turns and spins, and also having a better look around.
      • I kept on skating ahead of him, gathering more and more momentum and doing a complex combination of twirls, spins, and turns.
      • Why were the results from these studies presented with such a positive spin on tight blood glucose control when the results seem to show a benefit of metformin over sulphonylureas and insulin?
      • Despite efforts to put a positive spin on the outcome, the only concrete decision was that negotiations would continue.
      • Two weeks prior to this accident I carried out a maintenance test flight on a military trainer that included several multi turn full spins and recoveries.
      • The Conference of Mayors made a somewhat bizarre attempt to put a positive spin on the survey's findings.
      • Finally, the word went out to the judges that well executed spins should be properly rewarded.
      • Starting with the German Wheel act, Canadian Shayne Courtright deftly balanced himself in his spins, turns, twists of a wheel without losing ground.
      • He paced around the baseline, trying different spins and strokes as if running some sort of advanced testing programme.
      • So ultimately, there is a positive spin to this news item.
      • Caught between two rebellions, one inside and one outside the conference centre, officials sought to put a positive spin on the events.
      • Riders are judged on tricks which include spins, loops and jumps - as high as 50 ft off the water.
      • To topple their rivals, Zhao dreams of launching Shen into mid-air with the spin to whirl an additional 360 degrees and still touch down in stride.
      • But if they are of the mind to, they can read it with a positive spin.
      • Much of the source material was from economic development agencies and while they may have presented a positive spin about its plans, each region was tested in the same way.
      • We should see lots of winding hip movements, turns and plenty of spins.
      • He was inclined to put the best spin on any socialist initiative.
      • As a fired bullet travels through the barrel, the grooves guide the bullet and give it a rapid spin.
      • Mr. Callaghan has taught me how important spins and connecting steps are in addition to high quality jumps in a program.
      • Although some may protest about ‘sexing up’ poor performance data, ‘creative accounting’ adds a positive spin.
      • And if, for once, their clubs don't do the talking, rest assured they will still put a favourable spin on things when they enter the media arena.
      • This affects the action of the blades in spins and jumps.
      • In the free skating discipline, a skater performs jumps, spins, and free skating movements.
      • It took me five weeks of intensive training to learn 10 cabaret dance numbers, double spins on two-inch heels, but I got it in the end.
      • I flew across the ice doing various jumps, spins, and dance steps.
      • Some boards like to put a positive spin on it as they did when I was on the board of trustees for a very large girls school.
      • Overall, Karaoke Revolution is a creative spin on the rhythm genre.
      • In the field were a mass of tables and charts and diagrams, explanations of things people had done in years past, trying to put a new spin on old information.
      • Children in rural Cambodia put a new spin on information technology and bikers get in on the act too.
      • Not to put too fine a point on it, this is the positive spin to which the nation is entitled to cling, for the moment at least, with Scotland lying third in a bunched-up table.
      • I suppose if we put a positive spin on things, if the 3.73 was outperformed by the 3.46, we'd have some real problems.
      • It was a simple spin to turn his back toward the assassin.
      • This leaves room for some to develop a meritocratic spin on the capitalist system.
      • National Geographic magazine has only presented the positive spin about the dating methods.

    • 1.3Sport
      (on ball)

      efecto masculine
      chanfle masculine Latin America
      to put spin on the ball darle chanfle a la pelota Latin America
      • If we made a change to the ball's spin rate, for example, that would give some players an advantage over others.
      • Even a slightly damp clubface hinders your ability to impart spin on the ball, reducing your ability to draw and fade the shot on command.
      • The rifled portion of the tube imparts spin to the projectile increasing stability in flight.
      • For me the star attraction of the team was the mystery spinner from Australia, Jack Iverson, who took to cricket after practising spin with a table tennis ball.
      • Because the ground ball's spin caused it to move away from Tejada, he dived after it.
      • And what that does is that again adds greater spin to the ball.
      • They put on a demonstration match for pupils at each school, showing some of the techniques, such as ball spin, involved in playing table tennis.
      • Though someone like Kumble might be a glorious exception, spinners need to flight the ball to achieve spin, unless they are bowling on a vicious turner.
      • This gives him momentum and sets him up for the moment of delivery, when his unusually supple wrists impart prodigious spin to the ball.
      • The scientists hope the findings will be used to fine-tune the aerodynamics of soccer balls and to design boots that impart spin to the ball more effectively.
      • It might, except that the heavy right spin placed on the cue ball imparts a small amount of left spin to the object ball.
      • There is a persisting myth in Indian cricket that spin is more important than pace.
      • Muralitharan's injured left shoulder is recovering by the day and, according to Whatmore, he is imparting as much spin as ever.
      • This spin on the ball causes it to travel in a straighter line.
      • The physics of this action will impart right to-left spin on the ball and produce a soft draw.
      • The difficulty of landing the power meter within the sweet spot AND putting spin on the ball is nice, but it can be difficult.
      • The clubface will be closing when it contacts the ball, imparting right-to-left spin.
      • He also showed tighter spin on his breaking ball.
      • So just as a leg spinner imparts spin through the wrist action so does Muralitharan.
      • Some rotation of the wrist may be required in order to impart a slight carrying spin to get it into the basket.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of aircraft)

      barrena feminine
      caída en espiral feminine
      to go into a spin entrar en barrena literal
      • to be in a (flat) spin estar muy confuso / confundido
      • The spin was recoverable but a great deal of altitude was lost in the recovery process and the Allies would later prey upon this weakness.
      • When the pilot attempted to fly in a vertical direction to create a stall, the aircraft was forced into a spin.
      • The strange characteristic about an inverted spin, according to one pilot, is that yaw is opposite to roll and can be quite disorienting.
      • I continued to climb but saw the turn indicator go hard right and the altimeter unwinding - ingredients for an involuntary spin.
      • Controls were also reported to be heavy when flying at high speeds, or at the beginning of a spin or snap roll.
      • His brother was an airplane pilot, and one day he was out solo, got into a spin, apparently couldn't recover, and went in with the airplane.
      • One of my classmates and his instructor could not get the plane out of a spin during practice and both bailed out.
      • The pilots were shot and killed instantly and had slumped over the controls, sending the plane into a spin.
      • The airplane spin is one of Bryan Danielson's most devastating moves.
      • The aircraft then assumed a slightly nose high attitude, snap rolled, and entered a spin before disappearing from sight.
      • An airplane in a spin does not gain airspeed and its rate of descent is relatively slow.
      • The Texan then entered a spin, descended rapidly and collided with the ground.
      • I had a great time for myself, doing all the stunts and get into some funny positions and finally when trying to do two rolls at the top of a loop, the plane went into an outside spin.
      • He thought the aircraft was going almost straight down during the spin.
      • Our instructor took each of us up to demonstrate how to pull out of a spin.
      • Somehow, he managed to come out of the spin and slow his speed to from hypersonic to subsonic.
      • A couple of minutes before landing, the helicopter goes into a spin, and the ground seems to be coming up pretty fast.

    • 2.2Motor Vehicles

      trompo masculine
      he went into a spin on lap 16 sufrió un trompo en la vuelta 16
      • He makes trouble for Mathieu, even ‘borrowing’ his Volvo for a spin through town.
      • Look out for the MF03 Mini sponsored by Williams, taking a spin through the town with our models.
      • But, from the gently used lot, there is no chance you'd plop down your thousands for a ride you hadn't taken for a spin.
      • PAUL KIRKWOOD takes a spin through the Sherwood Pines after his first choice of ride went pop…
      • A day at Dublin Zoo, a trip to Mount Usher and even a spin on the new Luas and around the rejuvenated city centre was most enjoyable for all.
      • I can see how hard it would be for him to resist the temptation to take a little spin, and he must have thought he could drive it, because he's taking driving lessons.
      • Unable to wait, though, we got some golfers to take MobiGolf round Turnberry for a test spin.
      • This Saturday, take a spin through the eight tour venues and see how it's being done.
      • We continued our driving tour with a little spin through downtown and up Yonge Street before we turned east on Bloor Street.
      • Keep in mind that most offices require boat renters to attend training before they're allowed to take the boat out for a spin.
      • I'll gladly swap my Teacup ride for a spin on the Waltzer, but I'll keep my Teacup repeat rider ticket in my wallet, just in case.
      • In this game, you get to strap into a NASCAR ride and take it for a spin against 24 other drivers.
      • We took the DA - 9000 for a long spin and found it to be a less than smooth ride.
      • Today, you can not only take a virtual spin in an Express LT - you can also drive the real thing.
      • Plus there were the ones used as Green Line coaches, and I took a spin on a very comfortable one which was offering free rides up to Seven Sisters and back.
      • The trip offers a local spin, like libations at a logger bar and a shuttle back to Schweitzer in county school buses.
      • She also managed to go for a spin in an Army armoured vehicle, having wandered over to a tank-washing installation to see if she could have her picture taken sitting on one of the machines.

  • 3informal

    to go for a spin ir a dar un paseo / una vuelta en coche (/ en moto etc. )
    • If we say that voting 51 percent makes something right, then I think we in this country are in for a rather rough old spin.
    • I want to say right upfront that I think I have had an incredibly rough spin from the Chair today.
    • Had a letter from Georgie today & she's had a rotten spin for two months - no doubt you've heard all about it by now.
  • 4

    interpretación favorable feminine

    no imparcial

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wheel) hacer girar
    (top) hacer girar
    (top) hacer bailar
    he spun the coin on the table hizo girar la moneda (sobre su canto) sobre la mesa
  • 2

    (washing) centrifugar
  • 3

    (ball) darle efecto a
    (ball) darle chanfle a Latin America
  • 4

    (cotton/wool) hilar
  • 5

    (web) tejer
  • 6

    (story/tale) contar
    he spins a good tale sabe contar cuentos
  • 7

    (interpret with bias)
    (event/news) darle una sesgo positivo a
    (news/event) sesgar favorablemente

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (wheel) girar
    (top) girar
    (top) bailar
    the rear wheels spun in the mud las ruedas de atrás giraban en falso en el barro
    • she spun on her heel giró sobre sus talones
    • my head is spinning la cabeza me da vueltas
  • 2

    (washing machine) centrifugar
  • 3

    (move rapidly)
    dar vueltas
    it spun through the air dio vueltas por el aire
    • the glass spun across the table el vaso fue rodando por la mesa
    • the blow sent her spinning across the room el golpe la mandó dando tumbos al otro lado de la habitación
    • the car spun out of control el coche sufrió un trompo
  • 4

    caer en barrena
  • 5

    (draw out threads)