Translation of spin-off in Spanish:


producto derivado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspɪn ˌɔf//ˈspɪnɒf/


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    (product) producto derivado masculine
    (result) resultado indirecto masculine
    before noun spin-off benefit beneficio indirecto masculine
    • The show has now been made in 35 countries and has created innumerable spin-offs.
    • The spin-off for employers is that they will have an active role in bringing about a more capable workforce for the future success of commerce.
    • As a result, in the 1970s a peculiar brand of lowbrow comedy - the sitcom spin-off film - was born.
    • As I write this, one of the most popular and long-running spin-offs is still in production: NBC's hit sitcom Frasier.
    • The spin-off for local businesses will inject valuable revenue into the local economy, a benefit of the Rose Festival that cannot and should not be underestimated.
    • Speaking at a breakfast meeting with Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Cllr Arbour said he expected the huge interest generated by the rugby win to have positive financial spin-offs for local firms.
    • Record crowds, temperatures in the mid-20s and some of the best golf ever witnessed on this island all contributed to the incredible publicity and spin-offs.
    • A fairly recent development in the comic book industry has been to foster a range of spin-offs, including films and videos, television programs, advertisements, toys and other merchandise.
    • The tourist industry is set to benefit by millions of pounds and there will also be the usual spin-offs connected to sponsorship, advertising and TV rights.
    • There is a serious question, however, as to whether the communities themselves have much to gain from the work involved, or from its potential financial spin-offs.
    • Create a positive spin-off effect on the society through the promotion of information technology skill development in firms and individuals.
    • Further legislation will restrict the creation of tobacco-brand spin-offs, such as clothing lines.
    • The town hopes the project will create other positive spin-offs, such as new businesses, employment and business skills training.
    • He even welcomes England's World Cup triumph because of the spin-off interest it has created in the game.
    • The film also produced a multiplatinum sound track and a popular television series spin-off.
    • It got a new lease of life and reached a new audience through repeats and then a string of feature films and a spin-off series.
    • Now, the public television station in Boston, WGBH, is creating a spin-off series for Buster the Bunny, who will travel around North America with his father, a pilot.
    • It was also filmed and the spin-off videos developed a cult following.
    • The parliamentary investigative committee is apparently pressing for its own spin-off film in which it tries to track down the documents related to Barrelgate.
    • ‘The increased levels of services would have positive spin-offs which include the quality of life through better health,’ he said.
    • According to Marian Flannery, who is managing the project, the economic spin-off from the development will be significant.
    • Fremantle suggested the contest and its positive safety spin-offs will appease insurance companies, which currently refuse to provide coverage to the municipality because of its history of accidents.
    • Attracting top nations to the region would create huge spin-offs for tourism.
    • Mr Wight said his father, who died in 1995, was bemused by the enduring popularity of his books and the spin-off shows and films.
    • As history, the exhibition stands in contrast to the verbal narrative offered in the book published as a spin-off from the show.
    • The BBC has announced plans to create a spin-off series from Doctor Who.
    • In the entertainment world, a spin-off is a television strategy that creates a new programme around characters appearing in a show already being broadcast.
    • It will also have the extra spin-off of providing local employment.
    • Everything about the film, a spin-off from a popular Brazilian sitcom, was done with the latest digital technology - from the production to the distribution to the exhibition.
    • There are huge contracts to be won and if British companies succeed, spin-offs at home are remarkable.
    • Believe it or not, resolving this issue would create spin-offs that could help tens of thousands, right across the country.
    • This is a completely new challenge for us but we are really confident that the spin-offs will sell at really high volume and will be profitable.
    • More academic staff also means spin-offs in terms of research and innovative procedures in the delivery of services.
    • So it's important for people to understand that this program has created many technological spin-offs with clinical applications.
    • He also argues children's shows work, mainly because of the potential return from merchandise and publishing spin-offs.
    • If it wasn't for the Royal Family, we wouldn't have all the summer visitors and all the other spin-offs they create.
    • She said two main spin-offs from this concept are the potential to create a tourism project and employment through various projects.
    • The personal stories became like television or film spin-off shows - attempts to generate new interest in an established narrative by exploring minor characters and plot lines.
    • A book publisher can believe in a writer, but no one believes in the product spin-offs of the film industry and this is the problem.
    • He went to the NBC network to propose that they make a spin-off series from the film, which they'd call Transylvania.