Translation of spindly in Spanish:


largo y flaco, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈspɪn(d)li//ˈspɪndli/

adjectivespindliest, spindlier

  • 1

    (legs) largo y flaco
    (person) larguirucho informal
    (plant) alto y débil
    • William was a spindly, tall person with powdery white skin, and if Graham wasn't mistaken, black eyeliner.
    • She sighed and picked him up, cradling him in her spindly arms and lifting up her thin top.
    • He was a rather thin, spindly boy with plain brown hair and plain brown eyes and plain, light brown skin.
    • She continued filming as the aliens filed off the bus, apparently entire families of them in various sizes, though all of them looked thin and spindly compared to the human soldiers next to them.
    • He broke off as the door to their room opened and a sharp-faced, preternaturally thin man with spindly arms and legs tightly covered by taut sunbaked skin peered inside.
    • A tall tech with spindly legs and oversized glasses shrieks as he starts to pick up the poor damaged piece of gadgetry like it's his own child.
    • Franken and I chuckled about Gramm's refusal to answer the question, and suddenly two spindly arms reached across me and grabbed Franken and started to pull him out of his chair.
    • Instead of viciously attacking them, the amphibian began to speak in a gurgling voice, thin spindly arms waving about.
    • It was tall, spindly, almost inhuman in thinness.
    • Jenny was tall and spindly, and Dean hardly had any hair.
    • Being a rather spindly and tall individual, he can't manoeuvre into position to have a crack at goal.
    • He reminded me strongly of my maths teacher, same tall frame and spindly limbs but he had long platinum blond hair and he was garbed in a ridiculous jesters outfit.
    • It was featherless, but stood a foot tall on spindly jointed legs; its face was avian but - like the body - fat and dotted with patchy, moulting orange fur.
    • His bony, spindly arms, protruding from the black cloth draping his shoulder, pushed the cart by means of a heavy cord; his arm muscles, if there were any, did not show any strain.
    • She was a tall, spindly woman with frizzy brown hair and thin-rimmed glasses.
    • It was long and thin, with short legs to stand on and two spindly arms with three fingers on the end of each.
    • His game looked very pretty but he was a tall, spindly youth who simply could not cut it with the big, tough lads in his age group.
    • The dress she's wearing only just covers her thin and bony frame, and her spindly legs poke out above long white lumpy kneesocks.
    • How many weird skinny dogs with spindly legs, cow spots and Dalmation daubs can there be in this world?
    • Zim's spindly arms and legs, Gaz's angry squint, and Dib's unimaginably large head are all hallmarks of Vasquez's designs.