Translation of spine-chiller in Spanish:


película espeluznante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspaɪn ˌtʃɪlər///


  • 1

    (movie) película espeluznante feminine
    (movie) película de terror feminine
    (book) libro espeluznante masculine
    (book) libro de terror masculine
    • But my spine-chiller craving demands something more along the lines of The Others or The Uninvited.
    • The vicar of Cloughton, near Scarborough, admits he has pulled no punches with his historical spine-chiller The Shadowmancer, which starts with a graphic description of the drowning of an entire ship's crew.
    • The Ancient Greeks could tell a fine spine-chiller.
    • Some spine-chiller set pieces are effective, but, as with the original, the concept is too silly and disorganised to cast a lasting spell.