Translation of spineless in Spanish:


débil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈspʌɪnləs//ˈspaɪnləs/


  • 1

    (cowardly, weak)
    sin carácter
    • They have been called aloof, spineless, uncoordinated, strung out, two-faced, puny and spastic - and by some of the most respected scientists in the world.
    • When she realized she wasn't getting any response from her husband, Christine turned her attention to her son, determined that he wasn't going to end up a soft-hearted, spineless man like his father.
    • Sure, they have vegetable plates too, if you're weak and spineless.
    • If I'm weak for showing my feelings, then you're weak and spineless for hiding them.
    • She still seemed weak and spineless to me, and she was obviously used to men making all her decisions and even all her excuses for her.
    • He described career envoys as weak or spineless.
    • While most reporters these days are generally spineless weenies, I was under the impression that the job of the press is to question, not kiss ass.
    • Shortsighted tyrants, spineless power-mongers and heartless thugs vie egomaniacally, dangerously, for power.
    • Raised in a tough household by a temperamental father and a spineless mother, Stu showed a genius for all card games at an early age, regularly cleaning the pockets of men his father's age in side games.
    • I don't want to sound pessimistic, but the majority of people living in this age, including myself, could be described as spineless.
    • But now, he was saddled with these spineless ragamuffins, who followed his orders still, but did it with downcast scared eyes and pale faces, people who wouldn't be here if they had anywhere else to go.
    • But because I'm fundamentally weak and spineless, I find it awfully difficult to be similarly critical about the heroic efforts of a mere one-man band.
    • I immediately ruled out those brown-nosers, though; spineless obedience is nice, but I couldn't depend on them to carry out dangerous tasks.
    • While the dissidents have been exposed for the second time as thoroughly weak and spineless, Howard's fears about his future are nevertheless well-founded.
    • Ofelia, who was used to being the boss all the time, would now have to obey every word that was uttered from Stolly - a weak, spineless, cowardly man in her mind.
    • This government is the most spineless, intellectually dishonest, corrupt, incompetent and callous administration this Federation has ever known.
    • That's comforting - if you're a spineless, codependent imbecile.
    • I was too much of a spineless wuss to go after you.
    • This will teach him a lesson for being such a spineless wimp and show the lady the error of her sick-makingly sentimental ways.
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    • These are set off to perfection by the foliage, which is dark green, glossy and almost spineless.
    • In addition, it is an attractive and spineless cactus, which increases its potential as an ornamental plant; therefore, collection may become a problem in the future.
    • To tease out the details of the transition, other researchers recently turned to lancelets, vertebrates' closest spineless relatives.
    • Coral are tiny spineless animals essential in building reefs, one of the planet's oldest and most complex ecosystems.
    • It splats against your ears like the spineless sea creatures that crawl across its back cover.
    • It remains a lifeless and spineless human creation.
    • Coendou and Sphiggurus are arboreal animals, with long, spineless, prehensile tails and wide foot pads.
    • Plants with no spines on the leaves and bracts were considered as spineless or nonspiny, according to safflower descriptors.
    • Monogenic control was also found for spiny versus spineless, with the spiny trait being completely or partially dominant.
    • The lowly Zayante band-winged grasshopper is now listed, along with the Ohlone tiger beetle and 184 other spineless creatures.
    • Rauwerdink later merged the two species into M. sagu, based on the fact that seeds from spineless palms can produce spiny seedlings.
    • The fruits are spineless but with several or many foliaceous scales.
    • Of the weird rodent he likens to a spineless porcupine, Timmins added, ‘Nobody could have predicted this new family.’