Translation of spiral in Spanish:


espiral, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspaɪrəl//ˈspʌɪr(ə)l/


  • 1

    espiral feminine
    • The designs are sometimes simply spirals or other patterns, but they might also be scenes from fairy tales or of famous people or places.
    • Small spiral shaped gills are found, which pick up oxygen from the water.
    • However, I do remember clearly the double spiral (figure-of-eight) shape.
    • We show elementary hand-drawn patterns such as spirals and gold bands.
    • The pattern can be spied in everything from the spirals of sea shells to the shape of pine cones.
    • Headdresses, like the African one pictured in this article, show one way in which people have used spirals based on shapes found in Nature for headdresses.
    • In it he describes very clearly the distinctive spiral shaped organisms which were later identified as being part of the helicobacter family.
    • She pulled out something that looked to be a key, but it was made of crystal, and the end of it curved into a spiral.
    • Deeply engraved in each structure was a pattern of wings and spirals, that almost resembled a bird flying towards the ceiling.
    • It has a top speed of fifty five miles per hour and riders will experience spirals, corkscrews, a cobra roll, and overbanked curves.
    • For more than three centuries botanists and mathematicians have marveled at the complex and beautiful spiral patterns that form as plants develop.
    • In ever-more-abstracted form and diverse media, these elemental shapes, such as spirals, labyrinths, lozenges, and goddesses, recurred in her work.
    • For another example from the botanical world, if you look at a sunflower you will see a beautiful pattern of two spirals, one running clockwise, the other counterclockwise.
    • That is why that is such an important moment, not because the thing was shaped like two spirals - that's just aesthetically pleasing - but because the world changed on that day.
    • Fowler's work consists of repetitive handwritten words, scribed on paper in spirals and other patterns.
    • Angeli's many works were on infinitesimals and he used them to study spirals, parabolas and hyperbolas.
    • On the bare floorboards was a design, a twisting pattern of spirals and waves that was mesmerising.
    • Although dubbed ‘Gherkin,’ the spiral in its shape more resembles a pinecone.
    • It is useful to observe the patient drinking from a glass, writing, or drawing a rhythmic pattern such as a spiral.
    • Afterwards, he paced around in his own form, then as deer-beast, and then returned to his true shape to fly in spirals above the temporary camp.
  • 2

    espiral feminine
    inflationary spiral espiral inflacionaria / inflacionista feminine
  • 3

    (of smoke)
    voluta feminine
    espiral feminine


  • 1

    (shape) de espiral
    (shape) acaracolado
    (descent) en espiral
    spiral notebook cuaderno de espiral masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (unemployment) escalar
    (prices) dispararse
    spiraling prices (masculine plural) precios que se disparan / que suben vertiginosamente
  • 2

    to spiral up/down subir/bajar en espiral
    • the leaf spiraled (down) to the ground la hoja cayó al suelo describiendo una espiral
    • smoke spiraled up from the chimney volutas de humo salían de la chiminea