Translation of spirited in Spanish:


brioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈspɪrɪtɪd//ˈspɪrɪdəd/


  • 1

    (child/horse) brioso
    (child/horse) lleno de vida
    (reply) enérgico
    (defense) ardiente
    (defense) vehemente
    a spirited rendition of the national anthem el himno nacional interpretado con brío
    • the team gave a spirited performance el equipo jugó con garra / brío
    • the debate was really spirited el debate estuvo de lo más animado
    • The real substance in the book is found in her spirited emphasis on the importance of learning.
    • Shammies survived a spirited attempt by the visitors to get back on level terms in the second half.
    • They played an exciting and spirited game but met with strong opposition.
    • The one real sign of life in the first half was a spirited speech made by Colin Powell.
    • For a split second, I marvelled at his spirited attitude before it dawned on me that he was actually a tourist.
    • Ballykelly took the points after a lively encounter against a spirited Eadestown challenge.
    • This spirited and vivacious cricketer is a fighter, a towering all-rounder in the making.
    • The spirited team were then presented with their cup after securing victory by the tightest of margins.
    • The game was fast, the play spirited and strong and neither side was prepared to give an inch of turf unchallenged.
    • All three students agreed it was a lively, humorous, spirited debate and a rewarding experience.
    • They're all 6 feet tall and in their sixties or seventies and they're spirited and feisty.
    • These engines guarantee spirited driving fun, combined with low fuel consumption and emissions.
    • The spirited mother's courage and love for her son lend the narrative warmth and dignity.
    • It would be nice to report that the visitors mounted a spirited defence of their line from first to last, but that would be stretching the truth.
    • Still the visitors pressed, but a spirited start to the second half was soon stifled.
    • He liked helping them out and he thought Charlotte had such a spirited character.
    • Their spirited determination to proceed as normal was universally applauded.
    • This has provoked a spirited defence from surviving members of the design team.
    • As it turns out, Alison is quite the spirited child and is quite capable of damaging these men.
    • True to her spirited image, the bride proposed to the groom as he sped around a track in California.