Translation of spiritual in Spanish:


espiritual, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈspɪrɪtjʊəl//ˈspɪrɪtʃ(u)əl//ˈspɪrɪtʃʊəl/


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    (life/leader/needs) espiritual
    the lords spiritual obispos de la Iglesia anglicana que ocupan escaños en la Cámara de los Lores
    • As for many romantic poets, love is the agent for the fusion of souls, spiritual transcendence, and metaphysical existence.
    • Also, if you do have any personal spiritual or religious beliefs you could utilize them for protection and support.
    • In my 21 years in this House I have never heard a member get up and criticise the personal religious and spiritual beliefs of somebody else.
    • What was needed was a more spiritual sort of religion that offered no such crutches to lame practice.
    • When a great man like an Isaac makes a blessing, that blessing affects spiritual forces and becomes a reality.
    • Ackroyd may have jettisoned traditional Catholicism, but in his work humans are spiritual beings with souls that survive death and time.
    • This, added to his real concern for the physical and spiritual welfare of Valene and Coleman, propels him to take drastic steps to secure their penitence and reformation.
    • Kathy is interested in how our environment - cultural, physical and spiritual - affects what we do, and thus who we become.
    • Jewish mysticism teaches that non-kosher food blocks the spiritual potential of the soul.
    • I don't think there is any connection between religion and our spiritual journey.
    • While we respect religious creeds, spiritual leaders and church councils, none of these can bind our consciences or force us to believe or observe anything outside of Bible truth.
    • Your spiritual and religious beliefs or philosophies may help you deal with your grief.
    • Evidence is growing that spiritual belief and religious practice are important predictive factors for a larger proportion of people entering health care than previously thought.
    • Speech in humans is the manifest link between the physical and spiritual aspects of our existence.
    • They are also less likely to get support from strong religious or spiritual beliefs.
    • What happens to the religious or spiritual beliefs of soldiers when they go to battle?
    • These participants resorted to embracing some of the postmodern ideas but opted to maintain their religious or spiritual beliefs.
    • A deeply spiritual prayer engages the souls of all who are present and will move the hearers often to tears.
    • Is this then the end of the long march of human civilisation, this spiritual suicide, this quiet putrefaction of the soul into matter?
    • Our spiritual existence affects our physical existence, and vice versa.
    • Piece by piece I am finding aspects of religions or spiritual faiths that make sense to me.
    • The original religion sees the human, spiritual, and physical worlds as interconnected, with their existence and functions ruled by Waaqa.
    • The noun is designed to unite and give a positive connotation to people who do not have religious or spiritual beliefs.
    • The metaphor of journey embraces both a physical journey and a spiritual journey.
    • But little research on whether spiritual or religious beliefs alter the process of grief has been carried out.
    • Ronny believes his mother's religious and spiritual beliefs are a sign of senility.
    • They interviewed people on their way of life, emotions, the history of Nestinari and most of all their souls and their spiritual ritual and mystical powers.
    • But has it also been endowed by our creator with a spiritual center, a soul, at this moment?
    • Someone's religious or spiritual beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with whether a decision is made to prosecute.
    • Religious and spiritual beliefs are an important part of how many people deal with life's joys and hardships.
    • By and large, human spiritual welfare is seen as far more important than material welfare right through this period.
    • The womanist values women as spiritual leaders and prophets as well as teachers and mothers.
    • Religious literature has long indicated that paranormal phenomena are associated with religious or spiritual beliefs.
    • Some people abstain from sex because of religious or spiritual beliefs, or because of personal values.
    • Lately, however, methods have been developed to assess religiosity and spiritual beliefs.
    • In the integrated complex, the spiritual concerns of the human soul and the temporal concerns of daily life came to be taken care of.
    • Encouraging mutuality acknowledges that our spiritual existence affects our physical existence.
    • Heads of families took charge of both the physical and spiritual welfare of those under them.
    • Humans bear the spiritual imprint of God due to the fact that they possess an immortal soul.
    • Symbols correlate human spiritual concerns with those otherwise inaccessible realities.
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    (connected in spirit)
    (home/heir) espiritual
    • He never got it finished and it was his friend and spiritual son, Edouard Dermi who finished his work.
    • I have a spiritual relationship with Mullah Omar.
    • Alex had been my closest friend, my climbing partner, my spiritual brother.
    • Some dive for spiritual communion with their inner self.


also negro spiritual

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    espiritual (negro) masculine