Translation of spite in Spanish:


maldad, n.

Pronunciation /spaɪt//spʌɪt/


  • 1

    (malice) maldad feminine
    (resentment) rencor masculine
    (resentment) resentimiento masculine
    she did it out of / from sheer spite lo hizo por pura maldad/por puro rencor / resentimiento
    • Malice is commonly understood, in the popular sense as spite or ill-will.
    • Mrs Cunningham gave me a calculating look over my sketchpad that was filled with spite and dislike.
    • You may be a victim of malice, spite and slander as friends and associates indulge in negative gossip.
    • Cheating, boasting, malice and spite - my sons are blessedly free from all of these.
    • The Thrale mother-daughter relationship is full of spite and recrimination.
    • In truth, he seems to be more motivated and inspired by bitterness and spite than ever.
    • I imagine Andrew Sullivan's mailbox is full of just such spite as much for his Catholicism and for being gay.
    • It would have been easier if she left him with harsh words and eyes full of spite and loathing.
    • It has a wider meaning than spite, ill will or a spirit of vengeance.
    • It means that we are subjects of jealousy and envy and malice and spite and hatred.
    • Everyone preaches love, but then why is there so much hate and spite in this beautiful world?
    • He hoped she grew out of her hatefulness one day, and hoped that there was a good reason why she was so full of malice and spite.
    • Those of a pure heart who would never hurt anyone in sheer spite.
    • Keating deserves every bit of spite and venom directed his way.
    • It encourages spite and malice, and suggests that the Church of England has sex on the brain.
    • They displayed their immaturity, their envy and spite and malice, in refusing to condemn this act of terrorism.
    • What I can tell you is that neither malice nor spite appears to be a motivating factor in any of their maneuvers.
    • Clara said the last word with as much spite and disgust as she could conjure.
    • It was the kind of thing which really hurt her reputation and it was done for spite.
    • He was too angry and full of spite towards the goddess for them not to be true.

transitive verb

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    he only does it to spite me lo hace solo para molestarme / (informal) fastidiarme
    • she's only spiting herself by not going to the party la única que se fastidia no yendo a la fiesta es ella
    • Referees spited him for his nonstop lip-flapping and lack of decorum.
    • Yeah, because Henry wonders whether people would like his dad to spite him.
    • Unless people are petty enough to not vote for Shayne to spite Louis, he'll be safe.
    • She hadn't known what had become of her beloved mother, but she had to hope Benjamin was just spiting her.
    • It's further spiting me today by giving me some horrendous bowel cramps and spectacular diarrhoea.
    • The answer appears to be that he hates Frank Lautenburg so much that he will cost his party the election to spite him.
    • It was on my third or fourth circuit of the city centre that I decided they'd hidden Bristol Temple Meads railway station, just to spite me.
    • But with just one day to go, fate spites me with a deluge and I shall drive to work draped in towels and with a cap on my head.
    • You're clearly far more interested in spiting this man than in considering the defense needs of the country.
    • I guess I thought I was spiting Kim by leaving her favourite shoes there but all that resulted were dirty feet and a piece of glass lodged in my toe.
    • Luke has never done anything to hurt me or spite me, to anger me or make me regret myself.
    • However when she didn't do it, he became even more angry and decided to keep walking to spite her.
    • Smoking is much more dangerous than eating genetically modified organisms, therefore they must just be doing it to spite the Americans.
    • It was becoming a bad habit of mine, spiting him.
    • She must know that is my job and so is doing it to spite me.
    • She couldn't care less for Charles Hamilton and did it only to spite Ashley.
    • She wanted to stay but was already running late for lunch and did not want to embarrass herself on account of spiting her father.
    • It felt as if it had been yesterday that he had spited her the same way.
    • It would be an enormous compliment to Barry if the government now went to all the trouble of choosing a different date just to spite him.
    • I am going to be incredibly self-indulgent that day and light one hundred candles just to spite you.