Translation of splatter in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsplædər//ˈsplatə/

transitive and intransitive verb

  • 1

    • Cora determinedly dismounted from Nivo and approached the cursing middle-aged man, who was splattered with mud.
    • ‘Hey’, she said as she slapped his hand that was holding the straw, making it come out and splatter her with Caramel thick shake.
    • The inner wall was splattered with mud caused by a storm.
    • Buck has no recollection of allegedly attacking cabin staff, splattering them with yoghurt or trying to leave the plane at 35,000 ft, saying he wanted ‘to go home’.
    • Just as I helped R. into the stylist's chair the heavens opened up and sheets of rain descended with liquid force, splattering the windows and instantly flooding the parking lot.
    • Her face was splattered with specks of mud and dirt, and beads of sweat were forming on her hairline.
    • It was still going quite fast at the time, and the lemonade, caught in the wind, was carried along the length of the carriage, splattering passengers in every compartment as it was blown through the windows.
    • Two more shots hit the log, and splattered my back with splotches of red, but none hit me.
    • Fringe photographer and subculture chronicler Charles Gatewood quickly added mess to his extreme repertoire, and New York nightclubs began splattering their go-go dancers with liquid latex.
    • The liquid splattered Cynthia's expensive sandals and she shrieked.
    • This follows reports in Durban's Daily News this month that motorists were deliberately taking their number plates off or splattering them with mud, cooking spray or clear polish to avoid being caught.
    • Now a light rain began to fall, and the three queens began kicking up mud in their wake, splattering themselves and everyone as they sped for the finish.
    • Some of the less viscous sludge material was airborne, spinning and splattering the weeds and me.