Translation of spleen in Spanish:


bazo, n.

Pronunciation /spliːn//splin/


  • 1

    bazo masculine
    • If the same experiment is done with spleens, however, each spleen grows much less than normal so that the final total mass of the spleens is equivalent to one normal spleen.
    • The lateral approach provides an excellent view of the splenic vessels, pancreas, and accessory spleens.
    • These lesions have been reported in the brain, 3 lymph nodes, 4 spleens, 5 lungs, 6 and several other sites.
    • Glass particles were found in the pulmonary capillaries, livers, kidneys, spleens, and intestinal walls of animals studied.
    • They also transplanted hepatocytes into patients' spleens to act as a short-term auxiliary liver.
  • 2literary

    ira feminine
    cólera feminine
    to vent one's spleen (on sb) desahogar su (or mi etc.) ira / cólera (contra algn)
    • Well written, possibly, but for me it's my own place to vent my spleen at the general vacuity and stupidity of the world as I see it.
    • Furious residents gathered at a parish council meeting to vent their spleen at a proposed skate park on their doorsteps.
    • Every week or so we allow lucky old you the chance to vent your spleen at a useless celebrity.
    • So blogging will be light for the next two weeks or so, until I find a new equilibrium, or a compelling reason to vent my spleen.
    • I had an email from BobbyJo who clearly needed to vent her spleen.
    • On eviction you will also be required to visit the diary room to vent your spleen and dish the dirt as you see fit.
    • Every now and again - usually these days in grand slam finals - they get the chance to vent their spleen and lay into each other in public.
    • This is not the best time for fans to vent their spleen against the club's directors, who are not due to attend.
    • Initially I had the idea that if I could vent my spleen about life events it would be a cathartic exercise.
    • One particularly irritated chap emailed us, presumably to vent his spleen.
    • In an echo of the bad old times, more than 200 fans gathered outside afterwards to vent their spleen.
    • As for the money, the people of Tasmania are entitled to be outraged and need to vent their spleen at the ballot box.
    • He'll be making the odd post whenever he feels he has something to say or has to vent his spleen.
    • In private, feel free to vent your spleen, cry, denounce the other party as a loathsome cad.
    • If only there'd been a forum for me to vent my spleen when I had a sponging twat of a lodger a few years back.
    • The Dunblane boy chose to hit a backhand and vent his spleen by complaining about the high expectations of the British media.
    • No sisterhood here: both Anna and Claire vent their spleen upon her with hilariously withering spite.
    • The world has changed for the worse in the last year and bigots feel more empowered to vent their spleen.
    • That is debatable, but people who hate each other do not always require guns to vent their spleen.
    • Want to vent your spleen over how great or appalling our list is?