Translation of splenetic in Spanish:


iracundo, adj.

Pronunciation /splɪˈnɛtɪk//spləˈnɛdɪk/



  • 1

    (person) iracundo
    (person) colérico
    (outburst) de ira
    (outburst) de cólera
    • So if there are any splenetic motorists or bilious cyclists out there thinking of penning an angry letter to the Evening Press, listen up.
    • He is at his splenetic best when rubbishing Auden's poetry, a subject he joyously returns to again and again.
    • Its splenetic and arrogant final edition on Thursday also appeared as childish anger from staff.
    • You'll be splenetic and over-heated and I'll be jocular and whimsical.
    • It's a classic of the splenetic blogging genre.
    • It's therefore tempting to conclude that Harley must have used up of all his remaining creativity and originality on this one magnificently splenetic piece of pop genius.
    • And so the splenetic young rebel became a middle-aged man with studious specs and a shock of silver hair.
    • That means his memorable classic blogbile rant against Qantas is again available for readers who prize splenetic blogging.
    • Rarely have I read a more bitter, laudably splenetic piece of invective.
    • Yet Tyerman's frustration can sometimes lead to splenetic rants.
    • Vander, a pompous, splenetic academic, is an elderly Belgian émigré to a California town bearing the Nabokovian name of Arcady.
    • We are further told that Finkelstein's book ‘reads like a rant, with splenetic attacks on individuals, many of them survivors, and vast generalisations about the whole of world Jewry.’
    • You couldn't mention one to the other without splenetic vitriol pouring out.
    • My previous splenetic post about my own debt was an attempt to encourage a little criticality about the social function of the MFA for graphic designers in the first place.
    • Will the splenetic attack ads be replaced by straightforward pipebombing campaigns?
    • It's anyone's guess, then, why he leaves his instruments dormant for much of this show in favour of splenetic rants and ruthless aggression towards his increasingly miserable audience.
    • Given his mental-health problems, the loss of his girlfriend and his battle with alcoholism, it would seem he has had more than his fill of heartache; consequently The Kiss of Morning is a splenetic, purgative record.
    • His lyrics are honest, unsparing, splenetic yet gruffly humorous.
    • It's almost enough to warrant a splenetic, Burchill-esque diatribe against contemporary gay social mores - full of sweeping generalisations and gleeful scatter-shot vitriol.
    • It's bracing to hear Hodgson in full splenetic flow.