Translation of splice in Spanish:


costura, n.

Pronunciation: /splʌɪs//splaɪs/


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    Nautical (in rope) costura feminine
    Nautical (in rope) ayuste masculine
    (in tape, film) unión feminine
    (in tape, film) empalme masculine
    (in wood) ensambladura feminine

transitive verb

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    Nautical (ropes) coser
    Nautical (ropes) ayustar
    (tape/film) unir
    (film/tape) empalmar
    (wood) ensamblar
    to get spliced matrimoniarse humorous informal
    • These work well as mending plates or for light-duty wood-to-wood splices.
    • The height of the forms and the tapering of the tower necessitated mechanical rebar splices.
    • ‘Old hand’ instructors used it as they put us raw recruits through our paces: square-bashing, knots and splices, gunnery practice, what to do in the event of atomic or chemical attack, and the like.
    • The mooring and towing of oil rigs and huge ships rely on the strength and durability of thick ropes and the splices that join those ropes.
    • Panel size is derived from the 1.5m width of the metal coil and the desire for a surface without splices, yielding 1.14m square panels with folded returns.
    • All that remains is to fasten the bow to a tuft of hair, using the ends of the center splice to tie the knot.
    • Thanks to the suspension tops and diagonal drop-down field splices, the fill-in pieces were successfully erected and positioned, says Budzius.
    • The fabrication was done so well that at first glance the splice isn't noticeable; closer inspection, however, reveals two sets of dorsal fins.
    • Attenuation can be attributed to a number of elements, including fiber distance, number of patch panel connections and splices, dirty fiber connectors.
    • Then I felt the thickening of the rope - a splice!
    • Special metal plywood clips will add stability to the splices where the sheets meet between rafters.
    • Avoid pieces that are bent out of shape or heavily restored with new splices or soldering.
    • The use of integrated circuitry eliminates the necessity for hard wiring and greatly reduces the number of wires and splices in the vehicle also reducing the potential for problems.
    • Coils of lights are available in lengths of up to about 150 feet, along with all of the splice and power cord fittings, to allow you to make up just about whatever length and shape you're looking for.