Translation of splinter in Spanish:


astilla, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈsplɪntə//ˈsplɪn(t)ər/


  • 1

    (of wood) astilla feminine
    (of glass, bone, metal) esquirla feminine
    (of glass, bone, metal) astilla feminine
    • There were some splinters of wood in a glass case, the clear surface clouded with age.
    • The broomstick snapped into five pieces, splinters and slivers flying everywhere.
    • Some residents had complained about sharp wood splinters and nails encroaching upon the children's play area in the park.
    • Sivar turned away and chipped at a splinter of wood that poked from the window ledge.
    • The splinter from the broken glass hit Evelyn's right shin, leaving a two-inch gash.
    • All three were being treated for possible glass splinters in the face.
    • Finally, rub down the wood to remove the splinters, give it a thin wash of acrylic paint and brush on the clear preservative.
    • There among the splinters of wood and streetlit shards of glass was a wooden block with painted letters on its faces.
    • Patrick recalls much of what followed, he was temporarily blinded from glass splinters as he searched and shouted for his friend but could not find him.
    • ‘Where windows have been knocked out there are splinters of glass all over our property,’ added Mr Lister.
    • Their room was filled with glass shards and wood splinters.
    • Their bunker was ripped to pieces and splinters of wood were sent sky-high.
    • The flying vehicle of ours crashed through the roadblock, sending splinters and pieces of wood whistling all over the place.
    • His right eye has a slight defect due to being pierced by minute splinters of glass.
    • Even if we were covered with blood, even if we had glass splinters stuck in the shoulders and arms, we just couldn't feel anything.
    • Mindful of the broken glass splinters, Fess reached into the car and opened the door from the inside.
    • Then it chose to throw splinters of wood and what looked like pieces of plastic at us.
    • The entire structure seemed ready to collapse into a sea of glass shards and splinters.
    • She looked down at her hands, bloody from the myriad of wood splinters and glass shards that had imbedded themselves in her skin.
    • Outside, power lines were dragging in pools of rainwater and in the hotel corridors solid wood doors lay in splinters.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (break into pieces)
    (bone/wood) astillarse
    some bits of metal splintered off se desprendieron algunos trocitos de metal
  • 2

    (political party/society) escindirse
    (society/political party) dividirse
    the left wing splintered off to form a new party el ala izquierda se separó / se escindió para formar un nuevo partido

transitive verb

  • 1

    (bone/wood) astillar