Translation of split in Spanish:


descosido, n.

Pronunciation: /splɪt//splɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in garment, cloth)

      (in seam) descosido masculine
      (part of design) abertura feminine
      (part of design) raja feminine
      (part of design) tajo masculine Southern Cone
      • You were not able to check whether there were any splits or tears in the lead in the parapet gutter?
      • In contrast, frost cracks are vertical splits that penetrate deep into the wood.
      • I accept the evidence of Mr. Pearson and Mr. Glendon with respect to their observations of the crack or split or fissure in the tubing.
      • Finger splits, or fissures, are one of the more frequent winter skin complaints Kunin addresses.
      • Cracks and splits can be detrimental to good accuracy, and could possibly cause injury to the shooter should the rifle decide to come apart when fired.
      • The axe can then be removed an sometimes hammered in further along the split.
      • Cracks, splits and holes are by definition one of the biggest problems in sealing technology.
      • Repair splits or tears with nail glue or clear polish.
      • As Mr. Kendall explained, the split or tear observed in the photographs in Mr. Johnston's report, Folio 2 page 15, is at the top of the cant.
      • It allows you to visually inspect your cases for cracks and splits much more easily.
      • A small split has appeared along the chest area as well.
      • Equally uncomfortable as cold sores are cracks and splits that can sometimes occur in the corners of the mouth or on the lips.
      • The rock runs north-south, with a split through the middle and the lighthouse on the larger, southern part of the rock.
      • There are also types of adhesive caulking that will mend split or loose roofing shingles as well as splits or cracks in siding.
      • These cracks were narrow splits, predominantly perpendicular to the seed's long axis.
      • Make sure windscreen wipers are in good condition without any splits or tears

    • 1.2(in wood, glass)

      rajadura feminine
      grieta feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1

      Politics escisión feminine
      Religion cisma masculine
      Religion escisión feminine
      there is a three-way split in the party on this issue en el partido hay tres corrientes de opinión al respecto
      • The split reflects a division of opinion among courts generally on the issue of affirmative action.
      • Meanwhile, the splits within his party, he claims, have been devastating.
      • The conference's family orientation also helped to prevent a split, because a division would undoubtedly have separated relatives.
      • But now, suddenly, we can't tell whether a split is a real division or just an honest difference of opinion.
      • Divisions and splits in the Callaghan government had ‘led to 18 years of Thatcherism’.
      • Despite the many splits and divisions which have plagued the Gaels through the years, there have always been a few things which brought us together.
      • ‘There appears to be a split between the chairman and the non executives at Gresham,’ a Red Sea source said.
      • In the early 1940s, however, splits appeared in the Fianna Fail government over how beneficial land distribution was.
      • One piece decries the stark split tearing the country, and another seems to pine for a sort of folksy patriotism.
      • A split along national lines, whereby England's vote comprises a mirror image of that north of the Border, looks set to trigger a political row which could test the mettle of the new parliament.
      • The split within the party has led to tactical shifts in which conservatives and Democrats often team up to embarrass the ruling moderate Republicans.
      • Nevertheless, splits occurred along class lines, on the issue of temperance, and on account of differences in personality among the leaders.
      • The voluntary organisation has been riven by internal conflict, with a split over its future direction.
      • Despite divisions in Afrikanerdom and splits in the government over strategy, the security forces, including the black police, had remained loyal.
      • It is doubtless unfortunate for the split to appear at this stage, with an election on the horizon.
      • And its message of peace is still needed in world conflicts, neighbourhood rows, family splits - and, yes, in church divisions.
      • One member who attended a special general meeting on the plan earlier this month, said the split had developed along classic generational lines.
      • Society is in chaos, tainted with conflict and splits between the haves and have-nots, conservatives and progressives, and management and labor.
      • There are a lot of reasons for this failure, including the long-time split within the party between hawks and doves.
      • The long and short of it is that the splits and divisions on the far side of the House are irreconcilable and deep.

    • 2.2(breakup)

      ruptura feminine
      separación feminine
      escisión feminine
      • It is believed his split from his second wife last month sent him back into the binge-drinking spiral which has plagued his adult life.
      • A website offering cheap divorces online has processed its 15,000th marriage split.
      • The split was acrimonious and relations are still strained.
      • News of their engagement, marriage, and split made the papers on a regular basis.
      • His acrimonious split from his wife has contributed to his blithely acknowledged misogyny, hence there are no women working in his restaurant.
      • It has since transpired that this ‘other’ woman only became Zurawski's girlfriend after a marriage split that occurred long before he arrived in Scotland.
      • Pitt says there was a certain beauty in his marriage to Aniston, and surprisingly, also in their split.
      • This is possible, I suppose, although my admittedly sketchy review of the relationship didn't reveal any hints of a split.
      • Duffy's sudden desire to conceive a child no longer fits into Meg's schedule, and the strain on their relationship causes a split.
      • O'Byrne had an acrimonious split from his wife who formed a relationship with another man.
      • The inquest heard how Mr Palmer had been coping well following his split with his wife of 14 years.
      • I thought it was a pretty useful word that allowed New Zealanders to talk about how they would look after their kids in the event of a relationship split.
      • Mrs Moffat told the inquest that Mrs Seaton had been devastated over the temporary split but did not think the relationship was going to work out.
      • Along with the split came a new licensing agreement.
      • A study has found that more than 70 per cent of new marriages ends in a split and the child is a main reason for the break-up.
      • The radio star and DJ have blamed hectic work schedules for causing their marriage split.
      • Is this evidence of one of the first Hollywood relationships with a friendly split?
      • The singer has also insisted that his split from Kerry will not affect his relationship with his two children.
      • Fortunately, the split was relatively free of rancour, and her father remained a consistent presence and guiding spirit in her life.
      • Richard Cooper, defending, told the court of the marriage split which drove Franklyn to the drugs.

    • 2.3(share-out, distribution)

      a six-way split would give everyone $1,500 si se dividiera la suma en seis partes, cada uno se llevaría $1.500
      • a good/bad split una buena/mala mano

  • 3splits pl

    to do the splits hacer el spagat Spain
  • 4US

    • You see, back then, it was cool to drink a split.
    • We drank a split of Taittinger Brut champagne during the appetizers, and our patience was rewarded.

    botella individual de vino o champán

  • 5US

    empate masculine
    • Only 5 of the Yankees’ 14 runs were earned as the four-game series ended in a split.
    • SFU's women's basketball squad pulled off a split in two tight matches against the Dinos on Jan.13 and 14.
    • At Miami, Carlos Delgado hit a pinch-hit grand slam to cap a six-run fifth inning for Florida to salvage a split in the four-game series.
    • And yesterday, in a rusty performance by both teams after a month layoff, even their exhibition game ended in a split with a 5-5 draw.
    • As the Series headed north after a split at Edison Field, the styles had been established but not an advantage.


  • 1

    (wood) rajado
    (wood) partido
    (lip) partido
    her trousers were split at the seams tenía las costuras de los pantalones descosidas
  • 2

  • 3

    the problem of having a split site el problema de trabajar con dos locales (/ centros etc. ) separados
  • 4

    (in factions)
    to be split three ways estar dividido en tres

transitive verb

  • 1

    (stone/wood) partir
    to split the atom fisionar / desintegrar el átomo
    • to split sth in two/in half partir algo en dos/por la mitad
  • 2

    she borrowed my skirt and split the seams se puso mi falda y le abrió las costuras
    • he bent down and split his pants se agachó y reventó los pantalones
    • she split her head open se partió / se abrió la cabeza
    • to split one's sides (laughing) partirse / troncharse / desternillarse de risa
  • 3

    (divide into factions)
    (nation/church) dividir
    (nation/church) escindir
    this issue has split public opinion este asunto ha dividido a la opinión pública
  • 4

    (divide, share)
    (food/cost/money) dividir
    we'll split the cost three ways dividimos el gasto en tres
    • do you want to split a bottle? ¿nos tomamos una botella a medias?
    • they split them into three groups los dividieron / separaron en tres grupos
    • to split one's ticket/ballot votar a candidatos de distintos partidos para distintos cargos

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (crack, burst)
    (rock/wood) partirse
    (wood/rock) rajarse
    (seam/leather) abrirse
    (leather/seam) romperse
    his bag split (open) se le rompió / rajó la bolsa
    • my head is splitting la cabeza me va a estallar
    • I've got a splitting headache me duele muchísimo la cabeza
  • 2

    (political party/church) dividirse
    (church/political party) escindirse
    to split into sth dividirse / escindirse en algo
  • 3slang

    abrirse slang
    largarse informal
    tomarse las de Villadiego informal
  • 4Britishinformal

    rajar a algn Mexico informal
    chivarse de algn Spain informal
    to split on sb acusar a algn