Translation of split second in Spanish:

split second

fracción de segundo, n.


  • 1

    fracción de segundo feminine
    it was all over in a split second se acabó en un abrir y cerrar de ojos
    • before noun split-second reaction reacción instantánea
    • split-second timing sincronización perfecta
    • Chan could make the coins on a Vegas table disappear in a split second or change the time on a watch with only a quick touch.
    • Harmless spirits will also occasionally pop up for split seconds, and snapping images of those also add to your score.
    • Hewitt's gentle nature was then revealed in the split second afterwards.
    • In a split second, Ricardo has a hairy moment, and Karagounis gets a yellow card.
    • And there are Pumpkins' shadows that obscure moments of this record and split seconds when you forget this isn't the newie from Sparklehorse.
    • Chambers, 24, was grabbing for his left leg within split seconds of Lewis-Francis.
    • He's just a split second away, and once that has happened he will score a lot.
    • They hadn't proven the case of intentional murder, but rather a case of a horrible accident, a horrible mistake that happened in seven split seconds that none of us would ever want to live through either way.
    • You might even have heart palpitations in those few split seconds, because this was the last thing you were expecting to occur straight outside the outpatients section of a hospital's maternity wing.
    • With only split seconds to spare, you can make a single move.
    • After running faster that I ever had to in my life, I made it mere split seconds before the exam was due to start.
    • Kassa kicked him in the shins and for a split second anger flashed through his eyes violently.
    • For those split seconds it felt like someone else was controlling me.
    • Then, in the split second following the blast, she thought the fishing boat's diesel engine had blown up.
    • ‘With children, in a few split seconds, anything can happen,’ he told members.
    • Anastasius' eyes flashed for a split second and one dark eyebrow rose slightly.
    • I thought all this stuff in my head in a couple of split seconds, finally snapping out of my trance.
    • Then there is one of those split seconds during which three things happen.
    • Finn watched her for a moment, their eyes together for a split second before he shifted his gaze to some other place.
    • All this was happening in split seconds, but I realised what he was up to.