Translation of spoil in Spanish:


echar a perder, v.

Pronunciation: /spɔɪl//spɔɪl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (party/evening) echar a perder
      (evening/party) estropear
      (evening/party) arruinar
      these buildings have spoiled the town/coastline estos edificios han afeado la ciudad/la costa
      • I don't want to spoil your fun but … no les quiero aguar la fiesta pero …
      • the incident spoiled her chances of promotion el incidente dio al traste con sus perspectivas de ascenso
      • it will spoil your appetite te quitará el apetito
      • that will spoil your appetite for dinner si comes eso, luego no vas a tener ganas de cenar
      • It's time for the local variety show, but when a dead body turns up, the festivities are spoiled.
      • Finally, at half past seven the guests agreed it was a pity to spoil a good dinner and seated themselves to a delicious meal.
      • Theater owners like to throw up their hands and blame the shortcomings of the patrons and films, but they're not acknowledging their role in spoiling a once-magical experience.
      • To say too much would be to spoil the occasion, but there are twists, turns and horrific blood curdling scenes of carnage.
      • I don't want to get into too many details here, lest I spoil the experience for you.
      • In addition, the production proves a good 55 minutes too long, which spoils an otherwise excellent evening.
      • I have been at enough shows spoiled by drunken fools trying to steal the spotlight for 5 minutes of fame, but the volunteers were well-behaved, funny, and added to the momentum of the show.

    • 1.2(invalidate)

      spoiled /spoilt papers (feminine plural) papeletas nulas
      • Even during the now-pivotal 2000 election, when Rage was so tight their voice actually could have made a difference, the band spoiled their ballot.

  • 2

    (child) consentir
    (child) malcriar
    (child) mimar demasiado
    go on, spoil yourself vamos, date un gusto
    • there was so much to do that we were spoiled for choice había tantas cosas para hacer que no sabíamos qué elegir

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (meal/food) echarse a perder
    (food/meal) estropearse
  • 2informal

    (be eager)
    to be spoiling for sth estar / andar buscando algo
    • he's spoiling for trouble/a fight anda buscando camorra/pelea


  • 1

    botín masculine
    the division of the spoil(s) el reparto del botín
    • the spoils of war el botín / el trofeo de guerra
    • the spoils of office las prebendas del puesto
  • 2