Translation of sponge rubber in Spanish:

sponge rubber

espuma de goma, n.


  • 1

    espuma de goma feminine
    gomaespuma feminine
    • This was too heavy and stiff, so we modified the design by filling the shell with sponge rubber to make it lighter and then placed a stiff piece for the metatarsals.
    • He outfitted Natalia with a pair of swimmer's goggles, the lenses blocked by sponge rubber and aluminum foil.
    • His reappearance at the fall of the eighth wicket, finger encased in enough sponge rubber and plastic to protect a Ming vase, was almost the final barrier to England's progress to a second successive victory in the series.
    • By 1944, external prosthesis of sponge rubber for women suffering from atrophy or absence of the breast was recommended to surgeons in the Archives of Surgery.
    • Their bodies were wrapped in blankets, duvets and sponge rubber.